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Is Your Home Office Positioned For Stress or Success?

In her book, Is Your Home Office Positioned for Stress or Success? author Kim Louise Easterbrook, shares her time-tested 10 Step Blueprint to help you, the modern-day entrepreneur, unblock, shift, and re-energize your home office space.

Applying her proven process, you will experience better health, energy flow, style, productivity, and prosperity, towards your life and business.
Through her intuitive insights, light humour and story-telling, her extensive research, and her pertinent life experiences, Kim Louise helps you to awaken to the unseen energy in order to transform you, your business, and your office space into a harmonious, tranquil and happy place to be.
"When energy is shifted in your environment, energy is shifted in your mindset, thus allowing good health, and abundance to flow your way." Kim Easterbrook

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When I read this book, I felt right away, that I needed to make some changes. I used a small room for my home office, and I felt stuck. Reading this book, I discovered something: my window was looking to a retainer wall. Whenever I looked out of my window, while sitting at my desk, and working, this is what I saw. Guess what? I felt stuck in my business. I decided that I would switch the guest room and the home office, so I moved to a lighter, bigger room, that has a view to the river and the mountains. This is now what I see. My business started to pick up after this change very quickly. I got more clients than before and I feel so much better when I work. Since then I met the author in person, at an art workshop and I told her this story. I am so grateful for her expertise and good advice in this book. Very useful!"
Anita Papp, ACC, OSCC,
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