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Book Reviews

"As a retired medical practitioner, I read Kim's book with an eye for detail and accuracy. She has done an incredible amount of research on various topics that relate to the home office, from function, design, to how to achieve more financial success. However, her insight and research on topics such as lighting and the electromagnetic fields that everyone is subjected to are not only excellent but also enlightening.

This is a book every person should read whether you have a home office or not.

Dr. G. William
Kamloops, B.C.

"Change Your Space And
Your Life Will Change, Too!"
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"When I read this book, I felt right away, I needed to make some changes. I used a small room for my home office and I felt stuck. Reading this book I discovered something: my window was looking to a retainer wall and whenever I looked out of my window, as I was sitting at my desk and working, this is what I saw. Guess what? I felt stuck in my business. I decided that I would switch the guest room and the home office, so I moved to a lighter, and bigger room, that has a view to the river, and the mountains. This is what I  now see. My business started to pick up very quickly, after this change. I got more clients than before, and I feel so much better when I work. Since then I met the author in person, at an art workshop and I told her this story. I am so grateful for her expertise and good advice in this book. Very useful!"

Anita Papp, Life Coach

Pause Magazine Book Review
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"This must-read book will change your financial picture!"
This ‘easy read’ book is a ‘must-read’ in my opinion. The 10 easy steps are easy to comprehend and follow. Step 4 ‘Clearing Unconscious Clutter’ really resonated with me.
Using these practical tools will certainly change your financial picture.".

Jackie MacLean, Clinical Hypnotherapist
"She wants you to be healthy in every way."


"This book contains so much material distilled from years of experience. It delves beyond the ergonomics of furniture placement and the color/style of each Bagua sector – it also discusses healthy lighting, toxic-free furniture, and air purification. It goes beyond the physical aspect of the office space; it shows you how your body functions optimally in that given space. She outlines all possible scenarios in designing your home office and gives strategies on how to approach them. Kim Louise holds no information back because while she wants you to succeed, she also wants you to be healthy in every possible way. At the heart of her work is her desire for you to feel empowered by the positive vibration that your transformed space emanates. Beauty creates healing, and this is what Kim achieves with her life work."
"A must-read for those who want a comfortable 
and more profitable, home office environment ."
"This is an easy to read book with step by step instructions on how to organize your home office or pick a more Feng Shui place in your house to set up your business so you can stop striving and start thriving.
I really got the sense that author Kim has transformed many people's lives with her conscious and skillful approach. I highly recommend this book if you want to achieve the best possible positive energy flow in your life and business."


Dominic Kotarski
Author, International Sales Trainer

"A must read for the busy entrepreneur."
"This book is rich and gentle wisdom and is a must-read for the busy entrepreneur seeking a conscious and practical approach to unblocking negative energy patterns and experiencing more joy, ease, and flow in life and work."

Vicki McLeod, ACC, ORSCC,
Business Coach and Consultant
Author of "Untrending".
"Such passion for healthy healing spaces."
Field of Flowers
"Following the steps in this book will help you declutter your work space and your mind so the creative juices can flow. I know the talent of this author to redo and repurpose spaces that are both practical and beautiful.
She has such passion for healthy healing spaces and is sharing her considerable knowledge in this book. Buy it, but also make sure you check the Portfolio on her webpage that highlights her talent."

Karen Dunphy, Payroll Manager
School District #27,
Williams Lake, B.C.

"Great tool for a home office!"
Home Entrance
"I quite enjoyed this book it was an easy read and I can follow the memorable steps when re-organizing my office.
Anyone who is setting up a home office or re-organizing their office like I am would benefit from this great little book!"

Torie Steele, Realtor
"These principles are doable and yield such great peace!"
"A wonderful book that helps make sense of so many things. The constant feelings of stress in my workspace are starting to work themselves out. Such great information. I have started to apply the principles in other areas of my life".

Dawn Hansen, Home Stager
"This book is written so simply,
step by step, easy to understand!"
"If you want to create a productive workspace you love, read this book. I read this book to gain knowledge & information that would hopefully inspire me to create a productive workspace. I not only gained that but it also motivated me to make the changes right away. I found it truly amazing how changing a space can change your energy and attitude. While reading the book, I felt Kim's energy as if she was sitting there talking to me.

I now "LOVE MY OFFICE" The book is written so simply, step by step, easy to understand. The chapters are short and I like that she summarizes important points at the end of each chapter. Thank you Kim. My new office is my sanctuary and I am so much more productive. I look forward to come to work my office.

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