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Know Your Numbers!

Understand Your Life! 

Just like an architect utilizes a blueprint to design a home, you, too, were born with a life blueprint, to help you design your life plan. The discovery of this knowledge is the greatest gift you, will ever give, yourself! 
© Kim Easterbrook - Lifestyle Designer, Coach, Consultant


Your Greatest Potential!

As a Life & Business Numerologist, part of what I call my 'laying the foundation work for success', is my passion to see my clients thrive to be their best self, by helping you to discover your true identity, personality, and gifts you brought into this world, to fulfill your highest potential.

I have been very fortunate to be born with an intuitive gift to see the potential in all things, since a wee tot!  Throughout my career, I have used this gift, repeatedly.


In the modeling industry, I taught models for runway,

TV, and commercials. In the retail industry, I dressed,

men and women for their lifestyles and careers, and later, I freelanced for several clothing department stores, where I created window displays for merchandising, and

advertising; one of those being The Bay, department store.


In the stock photography industry, I used my gift to style and dress, actors and actresses, for catalogue photo shoots. In the real estate industry, I staged homes and boats for resale and redesigned homes, and offices for living. I now complement my work, by helping you discover your greatest potential, through numbers.

There Are Numbers Everywhere

If you ever watched the movie, "FOOLS RUSH IN", starring Mathew Perry, and Selma Haye, there was a pivotal moment in the movie, when Mathew was frantically looking for Selma, when a man stepped in his path, and exclaimed, "There are signs everywhere." I like to use this same analogy when discussing 'numbers'. There are literally 'numbers' everywhere!

Just think about it. The chair you are sitting on was made of mathematical proportions. The watch your wear has 12 numbers to tell the time. Your car speedometer reads in numbers. The clothes you wear were sewn by using the measurements of numbers to design the garment. You follow street numbers to find your way. Everyone on the planet has a phone number and a house address. Behind the alphabet, exists numbers. The list goes on!


I use a number system, called "The Art of Numerology", to help you discover your life blueprint. 


My mission is to help you live your best self, while doing what you love to do!
© Kim Easterbrook, Lifestyle Designer, Coach, Consultant

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What is Numerology?


The Art of Numerology is a unique system of numbers, that were discovered by the ancient, and famous, Greek mathematician and philosopher, Pythagoras. He was known for his contribution to science and mathematics..

Behind every letter of the alphabet, is a number. Each of these numbers express a vibration and meaning, and an essence. We know that musical notes are made up the alphabet and numbers. How beautiful a melody can be created for any mood. 

Working with the numbers, 1 - 9, I help you discover your LIFE BLUEPRINT by calculating these numbers that are found behind your birth name, current name, or married name. I also work with business owners to calculate your business name and date you started the company to offer insight into the personality and destiny of your company. With this information, complimented with my intuitive ability to see the potential in you, I help you remember who you are, get more clarity and understanding towards your personal life, relationships, health, and any life circumstance, or business matter you are dealing with in your life, at the present moment.

What Can You Expect From a Consultation With Kim?

  • You will gain more clarity, greater knowledge, and a deeper understanding of the life you designed for yourself. This is the part where I wake you up to remember who are, so you can move forward with more knowing, and that you are either on the right track, or going forward for your future. 

  • You will feel a deeper sense of purpose and certainty about what you really came to accomplish in this lifetime. 

  • You will come to understand things in your past that may have been affecting your life, and perhaps even your relationships, health, or your business, and walk away with solutions and remedies to turn your past into your greater purpose.

  • You will also leave with tangible life changes that can be put into action immediately; when addressing the subject of your life, that you want to transform the most.

  • You will come away from the consultation more aware, perhaps overwhelmed with all the new insights towards yourself, and others, yet excited, enlightened, and ready to go after your life desires, and goals with more joy, enthusiasm, and determination.

Numerology Packages

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Contact Kim for a discovery call to
determine your best numerology package
for your life, business, or gift purchase. 



​"Kim is a brilliant, intuitive, wise, and knowledgeable, consultant. Her life blueprint chart, time, and passion spent with me, went way beyond my expectations. I experienced so many insights, revelations, and ah-ha moments. She helped me clarify my past, present and future. I would highly recommend Kim for a life or business, blueprint consultation."

Myra Merkal - Relationship Life Coach, Author,  White Rock, B.C.

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