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Someone asked me once, "What would you like to leave behind to be remembered as? That was easy for me. It is my desire to bring out the best in people, whomever I meet along my path, and, let it be known my love for children, the elderly, and the welfare of animals. And, my humanitarian heart to help be apart of healing the health of this world, complimented with my passion for making all things beautiful, whatever I touch.
Mostly, I would like to leave behind these words for anyone who doesn't believe in themselves and their creativity. I was born very creative. However, it was stuffed inside as a kid due to the turmoil around our broken home, until I reached grade 8. My art teacher wrote me a very profound message in my yearly annual, "Always be the creative person you are, you will be loved by all." 
These same words I gift back to you, as I share some fifty years of my creativity that was locked in a cage deep inside my soul, till my art teacher handed me the key. Words are very powerful, they can shape your life.
This page will be an ongoing part-time fun project for the rest of the year, so maybe check back every couple of months.
Because it is impossible for me to teach you what I do, my hope is I can inspire you, to unleash your creative expression, and feed the call of your creative soul. I've got your creative back!
Love & Light, Kim Louise.
Home Staging, 
Interior Styling
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