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Deemed by her peers as a 'Modern-Day Alchemist', Kim Louise Easterbrook, has helped local and international clients, for the past three decades, create purposeful, beautiful, healthier, prosperous lifestyles.

Complimented with her natural intuitive and creative gifts, and her diverse expertise in real-estate staging, holistic interior home and office styling, fengshui, life blueprint numerology, graphic design, writing, research, publishing, and her passion for interior and exterior wellness, you can be rest assured she's got your back when helping you repurpose, transform, or newly design the lifestyle of your dreams so you can live a better quality of life.


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"I've got your back to live a more purposeful, beautiful, prosperous lifestyle!"


Create A Home
Office Space
That You Will Never Want To Leave!

There is NO clutter or FLUFF in this book, simply a smart/no-nonsense guide to healing you and your workspace for greater success. I plan to put this treasure in the hands of all my clients.

Helen Grant, Re/MAX Hall of Fame Realtor

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Life Blueprint
Numerology Consulting

Discover Your Blueprint for Success! 

Just like an architect needs a blueprint to build a house, or a captain needs a compass to sail the sea, you, too, were born with a unique life blueprint to help you navigate your life. By helping you discover your life blueprint, together, we are better equipped to style

and set up your environment, spaces, and business to compliment your life blueprint, not to mention you will have a better understanding of what you came here to accomplish in this lifetime, so you can achieve a better quality of life, and manifest your dreams.

Home & Office Styling

Holistic Interiors with A Dash of Feng Shui

Helping you style beautiful spaces for living and working, that bring you joy, harmony, balance, flow, and success to your life, and business.

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Healthy Home
Healthy You Detox


Keep you and your body, safe, and protected from EMR radiation, toxins, and chemicals in your environment, air, water, and food, so you can enjoy a healthy long life.


Book a 20 Min. Discovery Call Today!

"I've got your back to live a more purposeful, beautiful, prosperous lifestyle!"


"Kim Louise first helped us understand our numerology blueprints to ground us in our lives and business. Then she used her experience and expertise with Feng Shui and holistic interior design for our home. She came up with very helpful organizational solutions that are functional for our busy family and also look beautiful! Kim Louise worked with styles we like to come up with design plans, and she also opened our eyes to possibilities we had previously not imagined and considered. If you are struggling in your home or office with chaos, clutter, and even things like writer’s block or challenges getting work done, she can help create a more functional space to help you achieve your dreams, as I have now, as an author. Thank you for all of your help and expertise, Kim Louise!"

Erin Povey - Homeopath Doctor, Health Coach, Children's Book Author

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