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Live Your Best You!
Design Your Best Life!


Meet Kim Easterbrook

Lifestyle Designer Consultant & Author,
Kim Easterbrook
has been styling, designing, consulting, and energizing, her clients' lives, and businesses, locally and internationally, for the past 35 years.

Under her hat, as a Lifestyle Designer, she pulls from her creative, intuitive, and specialized tools, as a holistic interior space designer, Feng Shui consultant, professional numerologist, nutritionist, and life extension practitioner, to help you live your best you, and style your best life, through her brand, PURPOSE, SPACE, and WELL-BEING.

Kim 's mission, is to help you the client, live a more purposeful, healthier, beautiful and prosperous lifestyle. In her spare time she is a passionate investigative, longevity researcher, writer, poet, and published author. Kim loves nature, walking, music, dancing, and living as natural a lifestyle, as possible. Her greater cause in life, is giving back to non-profit associations, who care for abused animals. She is currently writing her third book.

Work With Kim 

With Kim's, unique, life styling

& consulting services, she's got you covered if . . .

  • You are stuck in an area of your life, going through change, or a life transition. You desire clarity, and guidance to get unstuck and live a better you. 

  • You are looking to transform a certain area of your life, whether that is the relationship with yourself , your health, your spaces, or your business.

  • You are tired of the old way of being, doing, and living. You are ready for an overhaul, lifestyle re-design, to live a better you, and design a better life.

​During your consultation with Kim, you can

be rest assured you're in good hands. She is

a seasoned expert in her crafts. Through her wisdom, warmth, expertise in transformation, and her intuitive and holistic approach to dive deep into all areas of your life, she will help you remember who you truly are, and then align this knowing to help you create an inspired lifestyle around your purpose, your health, your spaces, and your business.

With Kim's specialized services, she offers one time consulting services, or three month, life-design, transformation packages. 

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Lifestyle Consulting Services 

Hi. I am Kim Louise.

Your Personal Lifestyle Consultant

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Live Your Best You!

Design Your Best Life!​

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"Kim first helped us with our numerology life blueprints so we could understand our lives and how to navigate our businesses to achieve our goals. She then used her expertise with Feng Shui and holistic space design for our home. She came up with very helpful organizational solutions that are functional for our busy family and also look beautiful! Kim worked with the styles and colours we liked and came up with a design plan for a new office space that was nil. She also opened our eyes to possibilities we had previously not imagined and considered. If you are struggling in your home or office with chaos, clutter, and even things like writer’s block or challenges getting work done, Kim can help you create a more functional workspace to help you achieve your dreams; as I have now, as an author. Thank you for all your help and expertise, Kim!"

​Erin Povey - Homeopath Doctor, Health Coach, Children's Book Author


Kim's Book

"As a retired medical practitioner, I read Kim's book with an eye for detail and accuracy. She has done an incredible amount of research on various topics that relate to the home office, from function, design, to how to achieve more financial success. However, her insight and research on topics such as lighting and the electromagnetic fields that everyone is subjected to are not only excellent but also enlightening.

This is a book every person should read whether you have a home office or not.

Dr. G. William, Kamloops, B.C.

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