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Meet Kim Louise

Best known as 'The Feng Shui Numerology Lady', Kim Louise Easterbrook has been a sought-after expert in her field, for the past three decades.

She ​brings a diverse background to serve her clientele through her skills in holistic home and office styling, feng shui consulting, staging, and individual and business numerology consulting; complemented with her extensive background in natural health, life-extension, organic nutrition, body-type analysis, environmental wellness, and longevity research to live a longer life.

Equipped with her tools as your 'personal stylist and consultant you will be sure to receive first-class care and a devotion to helping you style a healthier lifestyle that is aligned with your life path and purpose, your health goals, and your personal and business goals, while you live and work in safe, healthy, healing spaces that permeate good energy flow, so you can enjoy a prosperous long life.

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beautiful living room with white

"In our modern-day busy and hectic lifestyle, every human on earth requires a healthy and tranquil place to live in and work at home, where one can connect with their own meaning and purpose of life, surrounded by elements that bring you joy, good health, long life, and success and prosperity, for the serenity and calm of your soul."     

                                                                                                                             Kim Louise Easterbrook

"Kim Louise has done an incredible amount of research on various topics that relate to the home office, from function, design, safety, health, to how to achieve more financial success. This is a book every person should read whether you have a home office or not."  Dr. G. William
"This book is rich and gentle wisdom and is a must-read for the busy entrepreneur seeking a conscious and practical approach to unblocking negative energy patterns and experiencing more joy, ease, and flow in life and work."
Vicki McLeod, Author, Coach, TedX Speaker

Hear What Clients Have to Say ...

Jan Addams


Interior Designer/Author

"If you are need of a stylist and consultant that has a highly intuitive, holistic sense that looks inside your walls to see the soul, energy, and health of your space and the health of its occupants to help you transform your life, I would highly recommend Kim Louise's expertise."


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