In our modern-day, busy and hectic lifestyle, every human on earth requires, a safe, and tranquil place, to live and work in, where one can connect with their own meaning and purpose of life, surrounded by the things that bring them peace of mind, and joy, for the serenity, and calm of one's soul . . .

Kim Louise Easterbrook

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Meet Your Life Stylist


For more than three decades, Life Stylist, Consultant, and Author, Kim Louise Easterbrook, has been helping her clients, locally and internationally, transform and style their life, health, business, and interior spaces, for living well.

She brings her unique tools as an interior home and office

stylist, Feng Shui consultant, and life blueprint coach; complimented with her health background in longevity research, nutrition, and interior wellness consulting, to 

service her niche clientele, the home-based, entrepreneur. 

Kim, is best known for her expertise in helping you align

your LIFE WORK, to your spaces, through creating living and working environments, that not only permeant beauty, harmony, safety, and flow, but nourish your soul to attract greater business success, a healthier lifestyle, and long life, so you can enjoy your endeavors.

Kim is also an accomplished writer, and has been writing for health magazines for over 20 years. She published her first Amazon book in 2018,  "Is Your Home Office Positioned For Stress or Success? A 10 Step Blueprint To Keep You Happy, Healthy, Productive and Profitable In Your Work Space.

Life Styling Online Services

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Home & Office Feng Shui Styling

Helping you style beautiful spaces for living and working, that bring you joy, harmony, balance, and flow to your life.


Life Blueprint Consulting

Just like an architect needs a blueprint to build a house, or a captain needs a compass to sail the sea, you, too, were born with a LIFE BLUEPRINT to help

you design, and build a foundation for your life.

Rediscover your life blueprint, today!

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Healthy Home & You Consulting

Keep you, and your body, safe, protected, and healthy, from EMF's, toxins, and chemicals, in your environment, air, water, and food, so you can enjoy a longer life.

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Client Reviews


"Through Kim's unique consulting tools in Feng Shui, life blueprint coaching, and interior styling, we now have a more organized, functional, and beautifully styled home, and home office, that aligns with our very busy work/family lifestyle. If you are struggling in your home or office, Kim will help you create the perfect spaces to help you achieve your purposeful dreams."

​Erin Povey - Homeopath Doctor, Health Coach, Children's Book Author


Get Kim Louise's Book!

There is NO clutter or FLUFF in this book, simply a smart/no-nonsense guide to heal you and your workspace. I plan to put this treasure in the hands of all my clients.

Helen Grant, Re/MAX Hall of Fame Realtor

Kim Louise's insight and research on topics such as lighting and the electromagnetic fields that everyone is subjected to are not only excellent but also enlightening. This is a book every person should read whether you have a home office or not.

Dr. G. William, Retired Doctor

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