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The butterfly reminds us,
that it is never too late to CHANGE, REINVENT, or TRANSFORM your life!





How about if I told you that 'stuck' is simply an 'energy blockage' in some area of your life, you may not be consciously aware of.  THIS ENERGY NEEDS TO BE SHIFTED!


We all need change and different scenery in are life, or we become stagnant and stop growing. Then we get sick and our life spirals out of control. Sickness is your body's signal that either your environment, or the life you are living is out of balance, and your body is screaming  for change.



If you have been a happy, high-achiever, up till now, but life threw you a curve ball or two, and you are feeling stuck, and perhaps lost your way, temporarily, or, you are dissatisfied in certain areas of your life, it may be time for a life shift! I CAN HELP!  


Clients I work with:

  • You have been through some tough adversities such as divorce, or the loss of a spouse, or parent, or your business through covid. You have reached a point in your life, where your desire to get unstuck and build a brand new life for yourself, is greater than the pain and discontent you've been feeling. However, you don't know where to start.

  • You woke up one day, and realized you are just tired of your old way of being, doing and living, and you're ready to be inspired and reinvent a brand new you and lifestyle.

  • You enjoy the life you have created but your feeling a little dull in your environment. Your desire is to redesign, Feng Shui, or repurpose what you already own, to lift up your spirits, and bring back the harmony and flow, to your spaces once again! 

  • You desire to understand yourself and at a deeper level, with a life blueprint consultation, and apply this knowing to create a better you.  

  • You have always wanted to live a healthier, toxic free, natural-organic-lifestyle. You wish to find a consultant that can teach you how, and also be your trusted guide.

Create Your Best Self!  Live Your Best Life!

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Hi. I am Kim Louise Easterbrook. Kim Louise

for short. Since a wee tot, I have had an extra- sensitive, intuitive and creative ability to feel energy around people, animals, and interior spaces. Thus, I am able to see the potential of whom, or whatever that may be, and transform it for the better. 

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, I gathered my skills and transformed them into a lifestyle consulting and styling business. I have been helping clients create purposeful, healthy, beautiful, and prosperous lifestyles, ever since.

MY BIG WHY? During our 20's to 30's, myself, and my sibling lost 11 family members to cancer. Sadly, I witnessed the health and lifestyle abuse to one's body, and the lacking of belief in oneself and their talents, and some family members dying with their music still in them. It was here I began my research and training into life purpose, toxic environments, and health & longevity. 

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Adversity would hit again, years later, when from 2018 to 2023, I lost my husband, my father, my father-in-law, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law, most to cancer. Loss and adversity seemed to be a common theme throughout my life, also myself, with some health challenges and the loss of two businesses. One during covid.

However, had I not had the courage, entrepreneurial spirit and creative ability that I learned at an early age, to reinvent myself many a time, through all the ups and downs and loss, I would not be here today. I am stronger, and have more compassion for the human spirit. I have a lot more wisdom and skills to bring to my work for my clients. I am grateful for my life experiences.


Work With Kim Louise

I am real. I am warm. I am your cheerleader!

Life Etc. Tote Bag

I stand by my rule of thumb, "You cannot put out a forest fire out with just one hose, you have to come at from all angles!" 

As your Lifestyle Consultant, and Stylist,

I use a holistic and intuitive approach. Together we look at all parts of the whole and determine the areas of your life that are working and not workingWe then move forward with the transformation process, through life blueprint consulting, redesign, and a reinvention of a brand-new you, and lifestyle!

We can take it slow, or, we can create MAGIC together and transform your life, at lightning speed.

My Specialized Services For You in Mind

Hi. I am Kim Louise.

Your Personal Lifestyle Consultant

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"Kim Louise first helped us with our numerology life blueprints to help us understand our lives and how to navigate our businesses to achieve success. She then used her experience and expertise with Feng Shui and holistic interior design for our home. She came up with very helpful organizational solutions that are functional for our busy family and also look beautiful! Kim Louise worked with styles we like to come up with design plans, and she also opened our eyes to possibilities we had previously not imagined and considered. If you are struggling in your home or office with chaos, clutter, and even things like writer’s block or challenges getting work done, Kim Louise can help you create a more functional workspace to help you achieve your dreams; as I have now, as an author. Thank you for all of your help and expertise, Kim Louise!"

​Erin Povey - Homeopath Doctor, Health Coach, Children's Book Author

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