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Life & Business Numerology Consulting Reviews 


Kim came into my life at just the right time, with the Corona pandemic. I found myself with time and energy to make some changes. I realized that something needed to change. We started with a Life Blueprint consultation for both my business and personal situations. This gave me a lot of insight into the challenges I was facing and helped me to better understand my situation and to make several decisions that put me on a better path. Kim is such an empathetic person and at that same time clear and consistent in her coaching that I always looked forward to discussions with her. She really takes the time to explain and always listens openly and with her heart. ( See also an extended testimonial version of Kim's Feng Shui To Sylvia's home)

Sylvia Sax, Health Program Coordinator

Yarrow Global Consulting gGmbH

Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany


“Kim is a brilliant, intuitive, wise, and knowledgeable numerologist. Her report, passion, and patience in the time spent with me, went way beyond my expectations. I experienced so many insights, revelations, and ah-ha moments during our session together. She really helped clarify my past, present, and future, and insight into myself. Thanks to this newfound wisdom I am so excited to move forward with my passion for writing a book. I would highly recommend Kim for a life or business numerology consultation.”

(See also an extended testimonial to the Feng Shui of Myra's home)

Myra Merkal, Life Coach, Author

Personal Development Seminar leader

Course Teacher of Relationship Classes for Women

White Rock, B.C.


“The numerology session I had with Kim Easterbrook has been amazingly helpful! I was at a turning point in my business and had some major decisions to make. With all the information I received, very quickly, it became obvious that our company is on the right path. It is now much easier to make those business decisions. Feeling even more clarity, three weeks after our session, I fired off a question to Kim. That same day I got back an analysis of my question that was a perfect fit for my business. I am having a much easier time going with the flow of the surrounding energies I am faced with daily. I am no longer resisting or holding myself back. I have been much more effective as a result. Thank you again, Kim.”

Dr. Nareeta Stephenson, Naturopath

Strawberries and Sunshine Healing Center

Port Coquitlam, B.C.


"I had the most incredible session with Kim Easterbrook today! She gave me a Life & Business Numerology Consultation, plus a Personal Year Biorhythm Review and it blew my mind! I got confirmation of the path I’m on and where things aren’t working, I can now see why and what to change. This was a powerful session with a powerful woman! I highly recommend setting up a consultation with Kim!"

Teri Holland, NLP Trainer, Business Coach

Maple Ridge, B.C.


“Kim recently did both my life & business numerology report and my husband's. It was eye-opening and insightful for both of us to rediscover ourselves at our ages as well as a lot of fun. Kim did an amazing job and the AHA moments just keep on happening. However, an unexpected bonus was that we understand each other better. My husband now gets why I needed to go back to work this year and I understand his more thoughtful and slower manner of handling decision-making. It has benefited us in our relationship on a day-to-day basis but also in how we are planning for our future. Our thanks go to Kim for bringing us closer together.  


I now can't imagine my life NOT knowing my numerology blueprint for life. I wish I had done this decades ago. But at least now, I am confident I will make the very most of the remaining years and will have fewer regrets than many people have at the end of their lives. It just feels fabulous to wake up every morning on purpose knowing I am living my destiny.  

Jan Janzen, Sales Coach

Sales Queen International

Prichard, B.C.

"Kim is a multi-talented practitioner, who uses all of her knowledge, training, and intuitive abilities to give clarity to her client's lives and business. The life blueprint consultation she did for me and my husband helped us with direction, timelines, and our innate gifts and personality traits. She also applied her Feng Shui skills when we put our house up on the market and was bang-on with suggestions. Kim's creative talent for style and design, extends to her creative talent in designing logos and websites, and marketing to one`s strengths in business. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for the best next steps in your life and business!"

Anita Lawrence, Clinical Counselor, Hypnotherapist - Energy Practitioner 

Tsawwassen, B.C.


"Kim, I want you to know how much I truly appreciate the time, wisdom, and understanding you've shared with me in my life & business blueprint consultation. Your insight has been such a tremendous help during this difficult time of transition, and I've just gone back and re-read your summary and it continues to inspire me. Your experience, wisdom, and compassion bring peace of mind to my future. I hope you continue to be successful with your innate craft." 

Christian James MacKenzie, Owner
Halsa Spa, Vancouver, B.C.

1474185010 (1).png

"Yesterday's session was an incredible experience. You helped me to re-discover myself, my talents, who I am, what I want, and what I came here to accomplish. You showed me how I needed to stand out and ways I could get started on a more upscale path in my career. You are really talented. In Daniel H. Pink's book, "To Sell is Human," he asks people to use one word to describe their business or service. The word I would describe for you is 'LIGHT.' Kim, you uplift & inspire people to awaken to their light! While you transform one's light in a very unique way in their spaces to align with the rest of their life, health, and business!" 

David Li Rong, Financial Investor
Richmond, B.C.



"I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you, Kim, for coming down here and for your energy today. That was seriously amazing to see and have my consultation with you and I am very appreciative. Everything you said today really resonated with me and got me very excited, especially the children's book. You definitely have a gift and I feel very lucky that you chose to share that with me today. Next is my office space."

Dr. Jenny Cundari, Naturopath Doctor
Vancouver, B.C.


Lindsay June 2015 Web-29_cropped.jpg

"Kim has been an incredibly positive influence in my life. Her wisdom, breadth of knowledge, and compassionate approach have been exactly what I need to live more courageously in life. As a result of working with Kim I feel more peaceful because I feel validated for who I am, she helps me be accepting of where I struggle and her belief in what I am capable of is more than a comforting hand on my shoulder, it is energy transference that I have not found anywhere else, with her numerology business coaching."

Lindsay Hindle, Life & Business Coach

Burnaby, B.C.


"I had my life blueprint consultation first done maybe 3 years ago. I didn't understand then how accurate and helpful it could be. Wow! Bang on ... and so insightful for me and my business. I feel it gives some more answers into who I am and how to relate to my experiences. I have already made changes that are helping me to grow my business aligned with my vision, and her redesign in my office to pull it all together. Kim, I'm grateful we have been brought together, and that you shared this with me with such wisdom and love." 

Diane Rolston, Executive Coach, Speaker, Author
Founder of Dynamic Women in Action
North Vancouver, B.C.



"Thank you for sharing your gifts with me Kim. Your life blueprint business consultation was a wonderful experience. My mind is alive with the insight and awareness you are stirring in my life. Thank you also for the summary report, WOW!! I appreciate all the amazing content. Thanks for being a gorgeous spark in our lives and bringing new light and insight into our life and business. With heaps of gratitude!"

Janet Frood, Executive Coach

Toronto, Ontario



"When you first meet Kim, you will instantly feel the calmness and peace that radiates from her soul, that she can also bring to your life whether it is your home, office, business, or your own well-being. I was losing my job after 14 years and had no direction where I was going. It was like she was sent to me. With her life blueprint consultation, everything became clear as to what path I should take. Within 3 months I started my own business, and my new path has taken off! Next is my home and office. Thanks so much, Kim."

Dana Davidson 
Personal Home Management 
100 Mile House, B.C.



"After I had my home office styled and Feng Shuid, by Kim Easterbrook. I booked a business life blueprint consultation to learn more about my life and business. I highly recommend Kim! She is so inspiring and knowledgeable in all her crafts. She left me feeling clear and hopeful of what was to come! I love my office and love her energy!"

Holly Husband, CEO

Scratching Post Cat Hotel, North Vancouver, B.C.


"I had a two-hour life blueprint session with, Kim, last week. I was a little skeptical going in but was blown away by the end. Her sessions are much more than just about numbers. She helped me to clarify my current life condition and visualize my future. She also brought to light the things that were still holding me back and provided some solutions to transform key areas of my life. She is deeply wise and would recommend anyone to hire her."

Alan Knight, Master Coach/Trainer/Author

Vancouver, B.C.

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