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Without beauty . . . there is no life.

© Kim Easterbrook, Lifestyle Designer, & Consultant


"Kim came into my life at just the right time, with the Corona pandemic I found myself with time and energy to make some changes. I realized that something needed to change. We started with a Numerology consultation for both my business and personal situations. This gave me a lot of insight into the challenges I was facing and helped me to better understand my situation and to make several decisions that put me onto a better path. Kim is such an empathetic person and at the same time clear and consistent in her coaching that I always looked forward to discussions with her. She really takes the time to explain and always listens openly and with her heart. I was so pleased that I also asked her for a Feng Shui design consultation for my living space. We talked online, and she was very innovative in guiding me through collecting information about my living space to share with her. She designed a floor plan, which I used to help make significant and very positive changes to my apartment. I moved and changed my furniture around, got rid of clutter, introduced beautiful plants into my office space, and more. I feel much more at home now, my apartment fits my life and I feel much more harmonious and settled. Thank you, Kim, any time spent with you has very positive outcomes." 

Sylvia Sax, Health Program Coordinator

Yarrow Global Consulting gGmbH

Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany


"Working remotely with Kim was such a pleasure! She is a dedicated online Holistic Space Designer Feng Shui Stylist. Even though we worked remotely, she could feel and see everything that was going on in my house, and deliver exactly what I requested! We were working together on creating a nice workspace and yoga studio in my home. Kim was so detailed, and so patient replying to endless emails from me. I love her energy! My new space feels so great now, I just love it! I'd highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to change things up energetically in their home.

Yael Medina, Business Analyst / BGL SportsYoga Trainer

Calgary, Alberta, 


"Kim helped us and our home greatly with her experience and expertise with Feng Shui and interior design. She came up with very helpful organizational solutions that are functional for our busy family and also look beautiful! She worked with styles we liked with our design plans, and she also opened our eyes to possibilities we had previously not imagined and considered. If you are struggling in your home or office with chaos, clutter, and even things like writer’s block or challenges getting your work done, Kim can help you create a more functional space to help you achieve your dreams. I was able to publish my book! Thank you for all of your help and expertise!" 

Erin Povey

Homeopath Practitioner, Health Coach

Author of Children's Books

Maple Ridge, B.C.


"Kim Easterbrook is a wonderfully talented woman. To date she has. Mind mapped my life for my goal to write a book. Did my numerology numbers to bring more clarity and purpose to my life. Transformed my living room and office utilizing her design application and Feng Shui. She has such as generous and helpful spirit, is highly intuitive, and embodies sage wisdom. Her passion is to bring joy to her clients by assisting them to live their purpose, live well, and create healthy living environments that empower them to live their greatest potential. That's what she's done for me. I cannot give her enough credit and gratitude for the joy she has brought to my world and lifestyle for my future as an author. I HIGHLY recommend her work!"

Myra Merkal, Life Coach, Author

Personal Development Seminar Leader

Teacher of Relationship Classes for Women

White Rock, B.C.


"I love Kim Easterbrook's energy! I hired her home and office holistic space design  & Feng Shui placement expertise, to set up my new home, my husband and I had just literally moved into, 5 days prior!

Twelve hours later, in one day, my space is beautiful and feels amazing. I have followed all her advice, with the Bagua map she left me on the design and set up of my office space; plus the paint color and furniture. It took me a couple of months to find all the right elements she suggested. I now just love my office space, it is so blissful and creative! I am planning to have her back in the spring to design and Feng Shui my outdoor area."

Laney Johnson, Insurance Advisor

RBC Insurance, North Vancouver, B.C.

"Kim Easterbrook has provided me with a stylish home office that projects a positive and productive energy flow that fits my personal style and uniquely aligns with my business goals. She also was a key asset as a business numerologist and helped me with the direction of my life and business. I love my office space! Business has taken off since then! You rock! I would highly recommend connecting and doing business with Kim, you will not be disappointed!"

Jean Burns, Home Stager

White Rock, B.C.


"I hired Kim a couple of years ago, to give me Feng Shui suggestions of furniture, pictures and paint color for a new transformation in my hypnotherapy home office. I was excited to get started with painting the color and all the changes. Just recently I hired Kim again for a business numerology review. As she passed by my office, she got that sparkle in her eye. She pulled me into my office and suggested we move the furniture around to change the energy, now that I had different furniture. I love the new change and the flow in my office. Your business insights to compliment my physical space and also motivation for me to live my true purpose in my business is very positive for me to hear. It was an awesome visit and great to see you again. Thank you so much!"

Cynthia Schulz, Clinical Hypnotherapist

North Vancouver, B.C.


"Kim applied her expertise to our home and family workspaces and we found an immediate uplift in creativity, feel-good energy and a newfound love for our home. I highly recommend her work if you want to achieve the best possible energy flow in your life and business."

Dominic Kotarski, International Sales Trainer, Coach, Author
Maple Ridge, B.C.


​"I hired Kim to help me consult on my office to increase the energy and flow in the space. I had become acutely aware that I felt very resistant to spending time in my office and in my business. Using her intuitive skills, she was able to identify where the energetic changes were required in my office as well as understand my personal priorities, preferences, and tastes. I am absolutely delighted with the result, and love and enjoy being in the redesigned workspace, with my new furniture. I am spending more time on my business and enjoying my work again. I am growing my business at a pace that perfectly suits my purpose and vision for my work-life balance. It has become an ideal place from which to create, collaborate and explore new avenues. One piece of advice I would offer is to be warned: You will love your office space so much you will never want to leave it."

Vicki McLeod, Nanaimo, B.C.
Executive Business Coach, TedX Speaker, Author


​"Kim really is a gift to this world and I absolutely LOVE the insights and improvements that she provides through what she does. Besides helping me to improve and style my work-space and professional presentation, she gave me insights and a real connection to my own personal path I was looking for, helping me to be even more devoted and clear in the pursuit of my own dreams. A master of working with and helping grow deeper wellness in both our inner and outer spaces, I honestly couldn't recommend her any higher for all the wonderful things she does."
Steve Robinson, Maple Ridge, B.C.
E-Commerce & Visual Communications


"My shiatsu practice was very slow. I had a side job to keep up with the bills. I was just about to quit my practice when in walked Kim Easterbrook. Together we did an interior space consultation, and then she had me renovate a room across the house that had better energy for my clients. We then had a numerology business coaching consultation to give me direction on my business future and image. Almost immediately my business picked up. Within two weeks my income had doubled. I love being in my office and treatment room. I am so busy, I was able to quit my night job and practice full time in my business. It is a must you see Kim in person. I would highly recommend Kim for her holistic approach, and her intuitive Feng Shui styling and expertise, knowledge, and experience to help you with your business success." 

John Ferria, Shiatsu Practitioner
Maple Ridge, B.C.


"When I made an appointment to see Kim come to style and Feng Shui my home office space, I did not know what to expect. What I received was not only a layout of my furniture that was more pleasing to the eyes, but everything had a purpose and meaning. The difference created a whole new energy shift that I am forever thankful for! When I get up in the morning I can't wait to grab my cup of coffee and head to my new office. I feel more inspired and I am manifesting more clients since the shift. This is an unexpected bonus! I would highly recommend this experience with Kim to anyone."

Karen Field, SInger/Song Writer, Jewelry Stylist

Burnaby, B.C.



"I was in a place of feeling disorganized and stuck in areas of my life. My home and office are in a one-bedroom apartment. There did not seem to be enough room to make comfortable use of a work/life balance in my space. I felt like I couldn't be at home. Kim was clear on my needs when we chatted on the phone before the appointment. She has a delightful intuitive sense and sensitivity that enables her to really hear people. We spent a couple of hours together in my apartment, to accomplish the task. She was very supportive and intuitively knew how to align and attune my space and furniture set up. "Interior alchemy" would be a great name for the process. The results speak for themselves. Several weeks later, I have a growing sense of ease at home, my work area is clearly separated and I can feel the enhancement is supporting my career and home life. I would highly recommend Kim for anyone who would like to deepen their understanding and alignment with their home/office space for creativity, better health, Feng Shui understanding, and energy."

Allanah Janzten, Business Coach
Burnaby, B.C.



"As soon as Kim came into my home, I could see from the sparkle in her eye that she clearly envisioned for me to transform my cluttered and chaotic space into a peaceful, organized home and office. She quickly and efficiently rearranged and re-energized the space of both my office and my entranceway. I could literally feel the difference in the energy flow immediately. I have received so many compliments in my place ever since. I absolutely love going into my office every day. I feel more organized and more productive and business is booming. I highly recommend Kim for her intuitive sense of what is the best styling for the space she is transforming, plus her ability to focus and work masterfully to turn that vision into reality." 

Maggie McKee, Wellness Coach
Vancouver, B.C.



"I first met Kim Easterbrook at a meetup group. We instantly connected. She tested the health of my home and office. She found my sleeping area to be the highest of EMF’s and so she called her tradesmen to make my home into a safer place to live and work. The subtle energy she felt at a deeper level, not only through the energy in my space but in my life and business numerology meant an entire transformation of my home. I put my trust in her and a week later after settling into the transformed space, I could feel the shift in every area of my life. My healing room is a space I love to go to and sit quietly. My clients love the space and even my dog sleeps under my massage table. I love sleeping upstairs now, and my new office space … I finally feel like the CEO!  Kim has an innate intuitive ability to not only pull the potential out of one’s workspace in alignment with one’s business but to intuit the potential of one’s marketing and business image. We furthered our consultation with mind mapping a new path, image, and name. Several months later I have now stepped into the vision and still loving my spaces! I would highly recommend Kim's
diverse talents to help you get on purpose and experience more joy in your business and workspace. Kim, I am very grateful."

Sharon Dale Watts, Trainer, Teacher



"Kim, thanks so much for the remarkable intuitive reading of my work studio this week. You were so professional, kind, and absolutely right on when it came to making suggestions for how to fulfill the potential of my business in the space. I really appreciate the awareness of the energy flow you gave me. Now I can release some stagnant energy and improve my client's experience as well as my own!"

Kelty McKerracher, Massage Therapist,
Owner Embody Work Holistic Arts
Vancouver, B.C. Canada



"My home feels amazing!  Kim has turned an awkward combined living and office space into a functional, energetically flowing and harmonized room that is just a joy to be in. The change has provided me an office design that is functional and empowering. Sitting in the CEO position and facing my clients, I recognize an energy shift in the way I approach my business activities. I feel assurance and joy while working at my desk and know this is a direct relationship to the new arrangement. It is essential to create balance in your home when you have a home base office. I am deeply grateful for your gift of wisdom and innate knowing. Kim, you truly have created a magical, beautiful space. A heartfelt thanks!"

Colleen Wynia, Massage & Body Worker    

Heart Link Consulting,

North Vancouver, B.C.



"Kim, it was great the furniture arrived just in time for the week of the firework parties! The party was very successful! Lots of various compliments from friends, on all the pieces, artwork, plants, and

especially the couch and the view. Many thanks for your styling assistance; I feel very comfortable in my living space."

Dr. K. W.

Vancouver, B.C.



"I have had the opportunity on more than one occasion to see Kim's creative decorating and styling gift. It is amazing to me what she can do to bring beauty, tranquility, even sacredness to a space. I have also experienced her abilities firsthand when she came and did her magic in my home. It was remarkable the transformation she created using exactly what was here. I now have such a relaxing, beautiful space to live and work in, that I hardly want to leave! Kim is a very gifted, creative woman. I would recommend her work to anyone."

Monique McDonald, Life Coach

Sacred Gifts Seminar Leader

Pitt Meadows, B.C.


"I was very tired and stuck in my business when I met Kim Easterbrook. Her suggestions meant an entire overhaul and redesign of my space and clutter control. It was overwhelming the process to transform the old into the new. But it was all worth it. I just wanted to express Kim, my sincere gratitude, for how you transformed my office. It is so nice to walk into something that is beautiful and is so organized and has that feeling of big business going on. You mentioned that once my office was transformed my life would change. Well, it is. New offerings are coming in all the time, ones that were not at all expected. The feeling I now have coming to work is totally different from before. I feel like I have overcome some big barriers and that I now can achieve anything. Amazing what Feng Shui alignment, organization, new paint, color, a new desk, and good lighting can do for you. You are amazing Kim! Thank you again very much."

Donna Willon, LinkedIn Trainer, Coach

Coquitlam, B.C.


"Kim came to my home office and helped me reconfigure my office furniture to be efficient and success-driven. Because I am a writer, I spend a lot of time in my office. She also advised me on my clutter - not physically, but also emotionally - through a better layout of Feng Shui flow. Kim was instrumental in helping me pick more fun, bold, lively colours for my office walls. I couldn't stand my putrid beige-pink walls. I now have an office I love to work in and I am proud of. It's my special space. This reflects in the work I do for my clients and my own personal writing because my head is clear of what was once an ugly, uncomfortable office, heaped with all my "crap". Thank you, Kim!"

Rhonda Payne, Writer

Maple Ridge, B.C.


Jan Adams_edited.png

"Over the past five years, Kim Easterbrook has acted as

my referral Interior Consultant. She has completed many amazing interior transformations that always exceeded my expectations.

I have found that most individuals have trouble seeing past their existing space. Because of her ability to see beyond four walls and into the 'soul' of the client's life, she has created environments that are both beautiful and functional. During her involvement with my company, I have found her to be conscientious, punctual and possessing excellent organizational as well as design skills. She was popular with all Interior Tradespeople and engaged in arranging many activities outside of her normal duties. She is an intuitive, creative and gifted soul. I would recommend Kim to

anyone needing assistance for a "Life Transformation/Holistic

Design Stylist."


Jan Adams, Interior Designer

Image to Interior

Vancouver, B.C.



"I wanted to send you a note, Kim, to tell you how excited I am, for the fact that you came to my business to share with me ways that I could change my office and create more abundance in my life.  I had always thought that there would be something to knowing how energy works in an office, but I had never seen it actually work until you shared your expertise. Based on your advice, I bought a new office suite and got rid of the collapsing table that I was using for my desk, which I am now enjoying. Since I started making the changes, just even moving my collapsible table to another area before I got my desk, I started noticing a marked increase in the number of clients that I was getting. Now that I got my desk in place, it is amazing what has happened. Kim, for me to share with you that I've seen a 100% increase in my income is a far vast understatement. It is actually much higher than that!


Wanda March, President


Vancouver, B.C.



"On behalf of the Yaletown Laser Clinic, thank you for bringing your unique gift to our clinic. We needed someone to come into our business and assist us in organizing and designing our workspace and provide a positive energy environment for our patients. I believe we now have this. Our girls are happy, and we continue to receive positive comments. You worked tirelessly on our behalf Kim, and we are grateful for the dedication you exhibited to your craft. Thank you!"


Lana Casavant

Managing Director

Yaletown Laser Clinic,

Vancouver, B.C.


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