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Step 1
Your Home Address Vibration


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,

think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

 ― Nikola Tesla

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Bottom ...

This is 

Fifteen years ago, I put my interior styling business, temporarily on the shelf, to pursue an opportunity to open a, 5-acre, wellness ranch.

Long story short, a matter of events led me to lose everything ... even my partnership.


I came home that day, feeling like a bag of old pretzels, that had been sitting in the cupboard for a year; stale, and dead. I grabbed my blanket, wrapped it around myself, turned on the TV, and curled up on the couch to distract myself from my great loss. 

Little did I know I was about to experience, synchronicity, in the most bizarre form, that would lead me down a path I never dreamed, and compliment my interior home and office styling, and feng shui consulting business,

Before I get started on guiding you to set up a healthy, productive, and profitable home office workspace, I would like to introduce you to the world of numbers and numerology. This will help you to discover the energy vibration you are working with and living in.

Numerology adds a colourful perspective to the precise meaning and vibration of the character and personality of your home and your office space, with the knowledge to help increase your business success.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is a ‘science and language’ of numbers that some numerologists attest has been used by scholars in Egypt as far back as 13,000 years. It was the famous Greek mathematician and philosopher, Pythagoras, circa 580-500, B.C., who was deemed the father of our modern-day number system. I have used this number system for many years, successfully, to bring potential to a client’s life and business.

Based on his teachings, Pythagoras reveals that the entire universe is made up of mathematical patterns and that all things can be expressed in numbers that carry a source of energy, form, and vibration. Pythagoras then developed the science of names and numbers, stating that the numbers ‘1 – 9’ represent the ‘9 stages’ of the human life cycle.


Using the Pythagorean number system 1 – 9, birthdates, names, words, and birthplaces are reduced to a single digit total, in order to determine the personality and destiny of an individual person. One’s home address and business address can also be analyzed in this way.


The alphabet, for example, has number vibrations and sounds behind each letter. Just say “A, E, I, O, U” out loud to yourself and witness each sound vibration. Further in this chapter, you will be learning the number vibrations to each alphabet letter, from ‘A-Z’.

Your House Chooses You

Your house number plays a strong influence in your life. It sets the tone for your living and working space and your happiness.

To know and understand your home address energy and personality, will help you align with the ‘essence’ of your business energy.

Subconsciously, numbers are working everywhere in your life. When you chose your house, you knew at a gut level you just had to buy it. However, you may not have noticed the number on the house carried hidden energy that was at play.

Your house chooses you to learn and grow; where ever you are at in your life. That gut feeling was actually the totality of the numbers on the house that were calling out to you; subconsciously.

A few of my clients I have serviced over the years have lived in their house their whole life. It will show why in their numerology blueprint. A numerology blueprint is a full report based on your date of birth and your full name on your birth certificate.

I had one client, Cheryl, call me up and tell me, “One day I just walked in my house and I wasn’t happy anymore and felt it was time to move on.” Numerology speaking, when I showed my client her numbers she had just finished a phase of growth in her life. It was indeed time to move on to a different house number.

And yet other times, some of my clients have had obstacle after obstacle while living in their home. When I look into the numbers, there is usually a lesson their house brought to them for their life learning.

There is no wrong address. If you did not have the greatest luck in a past home, while working your business out of your home office years ago, then look back and re-visit the learning. Are you wiser now? Did you learn a tool that you are using in your life or business today?  Your house address taught you that lesson. Bless it and on to the next.


As human beings we came here to this earth to learn, evolve, find our purpose, serve in that purpose, love ourselves and love others. Your residence you live and work in is part of the bigger plan.

Your Address is as Unique as You

First, it is important to note that you do not calculate the street address when calculating your home or office address; thus, name or number of your street. Why?

Everyone on that block has the same street or name address as you. However, when you calculate your street address, you can find out the majority of people who will be attracted to your neighbourhood. For fun, I will leave an example at the end of this chapter for you to calculate your street address after we first calculate your house number.

To begin, what you are looking for, is the physical address that is mounted on or beside the front door of your house, condo, apartment, townhome, suite, houseboat or parked mobile home. Whatever form of residence you live in permanently, and/or operate your home-based business out of, qualifies for your calculations.

I have specifically written and designed this book for the home-based office owner. However, if you are an entrepreneur and run your home office somewhere else, because there is no space in your home, or you prefer to work outside your home, then the definitions that follow for calculating the value of each house number will still apply.

If your office space rests inside a large building, the number on the outside of the building belongs to the whole building and is the common address for everyone.

In this case, the number you would look for is on the front door of your company’s office, inside the building. You work out of that specific space. It carries its own energy inside the essence of the outer building address.

Now that you have learned a little bit about numerology, let us recap.

Your house chooses you. You now know the proper address with which to calculate your home and your office space. Below, I have provided examples for calculating your house number, followed by a definition of each house ‘1-9’ for your reference.

Calculating Your Address


Pull out a piece of paper and a pen. Write down the number of your house or your residence wherever you live or work, permanently.

Now, if you only have a single-digit number on your house, like a 4 or a 6, or whatever your single-digit number is, you are welcome to flip over to page 18 and view the meaning. However, I would suggest you stay and learn how to calculate the numbers. You might use them later.

If you have more than just a single digit for your house or home office address, then this next step is for you. I will first demonstrate with the house number, ‘549’, as an example. Add each number together to reach a single digit, 5 + 4 + 9 = 18.  Now, reduce the total of 18, 1 + 8 = 9.  You have arrived at the single-digit ‘9’ as a house or outside of the house, workspace.

One thing to note, you always reduce the full totality of your house number down to a single digit, except in the case of master numbers.

If and when you reduce your house number and it arrives at an 11, or 22, these are master numbers that are heightened and carry double the responsibility while you live and work in this house. I also have included these two master numbers, 11 and 22, house number definitions, after the 1 - 9 house number definitions.

Now, if for example, your house number reads C34, no worries. As I mentioned earlier, every letter has a number vibration behind it.

For this house address that reads C34, you would look at the chart below and see that the letter, C = 3.

1 = A, J, S     2 = B, K, T    3 = C, L, U   4 = D, M, V   5 = E, N, W

6 = F, O, X
 7 = G, P, Y    8 = H, Q, Z    9 = I, R

You would then add the 3 that has been derived from the C to the rest of the address, 34. Add together, 3 + 3 + 4 = 10. 

Now, reduce the 10 to a single digit, 1+ 0 = 1. You have arrived at the single-digit ‘1’ house vibration.

Working with the number vibrations 1 through 9 and the master house numbers 11 and 22, you will find below the number meanings for your house address to determine your home-based office vibration. Again, these numbers express the personality and energy vibration. This will help you to understand how to better achieve success in your business.

House Number Definitions 1 - 9


The 1 Address

This house and home office address is all about being ‘number 1’.  The number 1 house inspires courage, independence, ambition, drive, individuality, vision and leadership. It also fosters a pioneering spirit. The number 1 is known for going it alone, blazing the trail where others have never gone before.

You will be taught to stand on your own, to improve your self-confidence, and to be more willful under this address. This is a great house for you, the entrepreneur who wants to take on creative adventures and projects and follow your own instincts.

Many ideas and inventions can be inspired at this address. If you are a solo avant-garde artist, with a unique one of a kind product or service, you would do well here. With the pioneering spirit of the 1, your project could be marketed on a larger global scale.

Visionaries of great companies are usually attracted to a 1 house. Although ideas are inspired at this address and put down on paper, it is important to delegate your work to others.

Visionaries and pioneers need to have the freedom to keep bringing ideas to the table and not get stuck in the details. Thus, the number 1 house can be a very busy house. This house is more masculine than feminine. One’s independence will be stronger than a partnership in this home.

This place usually houses you as an individual or a couple of friends who are living together, who like to maintain their own autonomy and freedom. This is also a great place to make a fresh start. This is not a loving family home. It is more a ‘me’ energy vibration.

However, if your family loves their independence, it could work. I would suggest if you want to keep that loving family feeling strong, do activities together as a family outside the home.

How to Add More Positive Influence to The 1 House

Under no circumstances should this house become cluttered with furniture. In general, ‘minimalistic’ is the word for furniture in this house. The same goes for your office furniture.

Keep all windows clean and allow for plenty of open space. Colour your house in white and light grey tones. Then add strong and bright accent colours, like orange, lime green, and bright purples. These colours can be used for your cushions, paintings, or a fun accent wall.

This house loves a more modern feel. Plants, of course, would do well in this house. If you are the ambitious entrepreneur who travels around the world, be mindful of a plant sitter.

How to Add More Positive Influence to The 2 House 

The 2 Address

This house and home office address inspires a peaceful, loving influence. It requires harmony and balance for its sensitivity and empathy, for all types of relationships to grow.

This is a sentimental house where feelings of romance are expressed and affection is shared. If you are a single couple, or a couple with children, or a partnership, or best friends, this is the place for you. If you work out of your home, clients can be nurtured here because the 2 works in pairs. This house also loves socializing and needs visitors. 

The 2 house is a great place for you and your family to do things together. It encourages patience, cooperation, and gentleness. Aggressive types will not do well here. They will not get their way. All individual feelings have to be respected in this house as equal. Compromise will be a constant and common theme.

This can be a great home office if you are a family counselor, healer, intuitive, mediator, arbitrator, relationship coach or life coach. The theme of the house is to bring peace and harmony to everyone within the home.

The number 2 house is also a great place to have a bed and breakfast business or a retreat getaway. Therefore, it makes for a great sanctuary for writers and musicians to create their masterpieces.

Here is a quick example. I have desired to write a book for the longest time. At my last house I would start to write, but then my enthusiasm would die. The day I moved into my 2 house address, I felt like writing. Eleven months later this book was birthed.

The 3 Address

This house and home office address inspires a charming, sunny, creative and upbeat disposition; with an upward energy where your creative talents will be able to flourish and the unconventional can thrive.

Whether you are a journalist, writer, marketing genius, singer, actor, videographer, movie producer, musician, painter, jewelry maker, artist, or even a counselor, what you produce or create in this 3 house, all have one thing in common; this house will bring out the joy, self-expression and communication within you to help uplift others and make them feel good!

Entertainment is a big event in this house. The 3 house is a place for creative and entertaining parties. Where large groups of people gather and have fun, laugh and dance. You could be celebrated in the limelight in this house, and share your fame by having a party.

Because of the upward energy in this house, it is very important to focus on one project at a time. You can get scattered with all the creative ideas allowed to flow through you, while living in the 3 energy.

What usually happens when this scattered energy starts to run wild? You will try to complete all projects at once, and then become overwhelmed. Usually melancholy will follow and nothing will get done.

It won’t take much to pull you out of funk in this home. Look for a funny video on You Tube. An episode of Ellen or Jimmy Fallon, or the English comedies could cure the melancholy, for a quick pick me up and laugh. Or, put on some of your favorite music and dance or sing. You will find this house more rewarding, if you focus on one project at a time.

One thing for sure; you will find optimism, pleasure and feel positive about life living at your 3 address!

How to add more positive influence to the 3 house

Don’t worry what other people think when it comes to the interior design of this house. Remember this is the artistic, creative and the unconventional home.

Because this house is so expressive and creative you might want to create a mural on a couple of feature walls; or place your own art on the walls. Keep the furniture loosely arranged, and don’t be shy to mix and match antiques with modern furniture.

Bright, sunny and fun colors should be encouraged in this home; especially yellow. Yellow is the creative color expression of the number 3. Remember the 3 note pads we still write on for reminders?

However in your bedroom, paint your walls with some softer earth tones, for some quiet sleep away from your creative and fun house.

Perhaps you have an artistic shop outside your house?  Or, you have turned an extra bedroom or downstairs into your creative room.

If your creative room and office nest in one place, use floor to ceiling book shelves and colorful shelf containers to place all your artist tools neatly arranged. This will keep form; structure and flow in your space, and curb the scattered personality this house sometimes likes to be.

Funky desks and fun colors are great for your office space.

If you are a counselor that lives in this house, this is a great house for participating in art therapy with your clients.

The 4 Address

This house and home office address is the most solid and stable of all addresses.

The 4 house has a down to earth and practical disposition. It is a comfortable and safe place that provides its occupants security, moral values, conventionality, solid investments and a place to grow a family.

The four is also and a great place for a home based business if you are an individual who is a focused, career oriented individual.

Organization, training and aligning systems and structures are the themes under this roof. If you draw out the number 4 on a piece of paper, you will see that it looks like a straight high-rise building with a crane attached to it. Therefore, this number represents building anything of lasting value.

If you are a builder, architect, manager of company, a teacher or trainer, or highly independent person with strong leadership skills, you will do well in this house. The 4 house is solid and grounding to hold one’s strength.

Other careers you will see in a 4 house can be anything to do with ‘figures’ rolling around. If you are an accountant, realtor, investor, financial advisor or a stock broker, you will also do well in this house. 

The 4 house can be a place where discipline is taught and hard work is part of its ethics to build a solid foundation for the future. Sometimes the 4 house can cause you to work longer hours; because this house likes perfection. So this could title you as the ‘workaholic’ home.

Think of a box. It represents 4 sides. You can get too ‘boxed’ in at times and forget to smell the roses. It becomes more important than ever to break up your daily routine in this home. Get out for small trips and nature walks to keep a healthy balance.

If you are involved in groups that are working towards a common goal, this 4 house will be a great match. The 4 house has also been known, to be a place where generations of family members grow and evolve.

In essence, once rooted in this home, you might never want to leave!

How to add a more positive influence to the 4 house

This solid and earthy home calls for all natural materials. Start with painting your walls muted and light earth tones and incorporate real wood flooring and furniture and stone tiling; no synthetic materials aloud here.

Think of heavy robust furniture with round arms, solid oak and antiques. A large stone cozy fireplace is always needed to set the tone of the 4 house. Keep curtains open.

Add textures and quality throws and floor rugs. Everything likes to have a proper place in this home. Invest in a decent bed and look after your back here.

For your office space, wood furniture is a must to keep grounded in your work environment. Bring in nature pictures and natural elements into your office. Think more in the lines of quality. A library of books would suite this home office space.

The 5 Address

This house and home office address inspires constant change, movement, freedom, pleasure, excitement, adventure, and lots of activity where people are coming and going and living large! 

This is a perfect home for those who like to travel and love their freedom. If you are looking for quiet, tranquil and stability, this is not the home.

This is a great place for a home based office if you are selling products, in advertising, networking, sales, marketing, the travel business, or, you are an author or speaker who travel’s for your business.

The 5 house is the most gregarious of all the other house numbers. Of course, entertaining is the highlight; just like the 3 house.

The hustle and bustle of life resides in this house. Your schedule is always full. If you want to get unstuck in your life and get your business moving purchase a 5 house; there is never a dull moment!

The 5 house energy stimulates communication and information, well-traveled experiences and progressive thinking; which makes for great conversation for guests.

How to add more positive influence to the 5 house

The 5 house is similar to the 3 house. It is unconventional and unique. Invite lots of color into this house.

Mix-matched furniture works well here. This house likes eclectic styles and designs, and pictures and objects from your world travels.

For your home office, an antique desk and book shelves will add flair to hold all your book collections and pieces you have brought back from your travels. Make your office an interesting conversation piece.

Open windows and allow the air to flow freely like the wind in your hair. This house loves its freedom!

The 6 Address

This house and home office address inspires beauty, family, love, warmth, harmonious energy and artistic endeavors. The 6 vibration protects and strengthens family and relations, and expresses a very nurturing personality.

This is an exceptional place for a home based business for you the busy entrepreneur woman of today. You are able to take care of your family while running your business.

There is a balanced kind of energy in this home that is inviting to almost anyone that visits or lives here.

It is best suited for visual artists, sculptors, decorators, painters, photographers, caregivers, life coaches, chefs, cooks, flower designers, family counselors and the crafts person who likes to make beautiful pieces and market them to your paying clients.

The 6 house is often found with a few musical instrument pieces lying around. Usually you or someone else in the family loves to play music and may even be a singer.

Most often than not, the owner of this business address has a place in one’s heart to do something for the underdog, through one’s business profits.

How to add more positive influence to the 6 house

Believe it or not, there are no negative influences towards this house. It is a very harmonious energy and suits any personality type and your individual lifestyle.

This house loves beautiful flowers or flowered plants spread in and around the house.

The 6 house likes comfortable furniture, bright, yet light colors and beautiful and tasteful paintings around the house. Sometimes these paintings can be your personal pieces.

For your home based office, purchase a more feminine office desk and a specialty fabric office chair. Beautify your office until your heart’s content.

If you are able to have your office where you can view your beautiful flowers outside or a view, this would be ideal. If not, try to place beautiful pictures around you while you work.

The 7 Address

This house and home office address inspires a hide-away for study, deep reflection, and spiritual development, gathering knowledge, and a calm and still place to live.

This is the nature house. It enjoys all organic natural elements and absolutely no clutter.  If you are looking to create a high-energy business, or be a party animal, this home will drive you crazy. The personality of the 7 house wants quiet and solitude.

The occupants here will be very choosey who they invite over for a small intimate gathering, for privacy sake.

The 7 house is more of a private refuge reflecting solitude and soul searching. While living in this house you will be encouraged to find faith in yourself.

If you are a higher mind thinker, science writer, astrologer, specified teacher, psychotherapist, psychologist, professor, accountant, archeologist, nature painter, or, a spiritual seeker looking to reflect, restore and dive deep into research, this place is for you.

Powerful spiritual and intuitive insights can be developed at this address.

How to add more positive influence to the 7 house

If you have ever have visited a beautiful minimalistic Zen spa and heard the trickle and quiet reflection of a water fountain in the background, this is the essence the 7 house vibration enjoys. Water brings tranquility to the 7 house, just like the 2 house retreat.

This house can be somewhat like a nature retreat and usually looks out into a forest or across to lots of trees; or possibly a manmade backyard. The 7 personality likes lots of open space, with austere, simple, yet high quality, minimal furniture.

Few colors work best here, preferably white and shades of white and light grey colors. It is important to avoid clutter, as clutter interrupts the stillness of this house.

This house loves symphony, piano and reflective, conscious music.

For your home office, include a simple wood desk with a touch of live greenery, with a window view looking out into nature. If this is not possible, hang nature pictures around your office space or any type of picture that is reflective and still.

Place a water fountain in an area where it can be heard and echoed from your office space to the entire home.

The 8 Address

This house and home office address inspires authority and career driven occupants that often run their own business from their home.

In fact, the 8 house is a natural place for a home based office with an influential business that empowers and leads others. If you are not a leader, then this house will give you every opportunity to practice positive leadership. 

The number 8 rules the material world of power, prestige, financial wealth, prosperity and abundance. If you are a single person or a large family that puts comfort and luxury as a high priority on your list, this is the house for you.

The 8 makes a great home office if you are wishing to expand your status in life as an authority figure, and gain financial wealth. Big success can happen in the 8 house, whatever your endeavor.

This house also demands that you manage your resources well; that being time, energy and money. You will have more expenses than any other house numbers 1-9; as this house likes quality. Expensive repairs might be a result.

The 8 turned sideways is an infinity sign; as above so below, what comes around goes around. If you don’t manage your money well, especially in this house where it is especially driven to make money, your incoming resources can backfire. The better you manage your money, the more the universe will send you.

The best and most respected way to make money in an 8 house is learning the law of manifestation. When your intention is to use money to empower others for the highest good, money will flow effortlessly your way. If you are running after money, just for the pure pleasure of making money, this is not the spiritual undertone of this house.

After all, the Chinese believe the number 8 is good fortune. But good fortune can be lost by greed and running after money.

How to add more positive influence to the 8 house

Opulence, Opulence, and more Opulence! This house loves luxurious and expensive quality furniture, art, sculptures, and quality textures; sometimes with a Mediterranean flair. Love seats, chairs, lamps, and rugs; complimented with a grandiose marble fireplace.

The 8 house likes strong colors. For your home office, buy the best of the best luxurious desk to help master your financial wealth. Place luxurious items or pictures around you that represent your accumulation of wealth or wanting to attain wealth to use for the better good in your office space.

More than any other house, it is important to dress well here when meeting with your clients; to match the powerful influence this house vibrates for you and your business success.

The 9 Address

This house and home office address inspires the humanitarian influence, selfless service, compassion, love, forgiveness, and the acceptance of others whom visit this house. Anyone is welcome here, especially elders, children and animals.

The personality of this house is very emotionally artistic and wants to surround its energy with beautiful things. Do you remember reading how creative the 3 house was? The 9 house carries triple the creativity. 3 + 3 + 3 = 9.  Thus, transformed into the ultimate of beauty, arts and healing.

The 9 house has three sides to its personality. On one hand, it can be like a mystery castle where you visit the old wise sage who carries great healing abilities. Therefore, if you are a psychologist, spiritual healer, intuitive life coach, or involved in the intuitive arts, this is a great place to live for you.

On the artistic side, if you are an interior designer, floral designer, humanitarian fashion photographer, poet or theatrical performer, this also is a great place to live for you.

On the humanitarian side of the 9, this is the loving and compassion service oriented house with an international quality about it. Rather than serving only one person, you may serve the masses.

This can look like servicing clients that come to stay for a place to heal and start a new life. Or, its occupants head up a non-profit society, give a percentage of their earnings to the underprivileged. Or, help with animal shelters, give to the poor in less fortunate countries, or support other artists work as an art benefactor

How to add more positive influence to the 9 house 

Think royalty, castle like and sensuality as the design theme for the 9 house.

Place big large art work on the walls, long velvet curtains, large real life or artificial flower boutiques in roman urns on tables.

Use royal rich colors of velvet purples, burgundy’s, and greens abound; even a few theme rooms with murals on the walls, like that of a ancient Rome spa.

This house should be covered in plants with expensive wool rugs purchased from far off lands, and touched with gold pieces throughout the house with low lighting and candles.

The 9 house is the ultimate of beauty, mystery and sensuality. I will leave it to your imagination to create your home office, as you have the vibration of the 9 to help you create the ultimate of taste and beauty for your pleasure to live and work.

Master Number Addresses

The Master 11 Address

This house and home office address inspires a warm and inviting place for occupants that want to develop your intuition and spiritual healing abilities.

It is the house of ‘illumination’ to bring to light the development of your own excellence. Master numbers always support your achievement and have more responsibilities. You can excel in your career in this house, as long as you’re helping and healing others with your gifts.

How to add more positive influence to the 11 house

Just like 2 house vibration it makes it even more important to create peace and harmony in this environment.

Think of a tranquil retreat-like setting, once again. This is more of a feminine vibration with warm and fresh, soft, pastel colors. Spread lots of pillows and throws around the furniture and cozy rugs on the floor.

This house likes plenty of furniture to create seating areas for guests and socializing. Again, make sure to have a comfortable desk, office chair and small couch for your clients.

The Master 22 Address

This house and home office address is great place to build a foundation for your future, business and achieve your highest potential. There is no laziness aloud in this home.

The 22 is a stable vibration for entrepreneurial business owners and also a place where mastery and knowledge can be attained. This house will challenge you to step up on the platform and achieve all that you can.

If you are an architect, a real-estate developer, or have a profession that you want to build and accomplish something of great significance that changes large groups of people for the better, or leave a legacy behind that is used for generations to come, than this is the house for you.

How to Add More Powerful Influence to The 22 House 

The 22 design installation should include a door, or doors, to the natural world. Perhaps a sliding door off your office to a small patio that looks out into the forest or green belt, pond, stream or ocean.

Furnish your office with a wood desk and wood furniture throughout your home. Also, place live plants in your office and earthy elements; complimented with scenic pictures of the world, or pictures of your buildings or good work you are doing for the world.


The Street Where You Live

Now that you understand the personality of your house and home office address, let’s discover the type of people who live around you on the street or the community where you reside.

I will use the example, #2 - 330 Lion Drive. In this case, we are leaving out the house number 2 and just calculating the street address.

Once again, here is the diagram for the alphabetical equivalent to each number for your calculation.

1 = A, J, S    2 = B, K, T     3 = C, L, U    4 = D, M, V
 5 = E, N, W
   6 = F, O, X
   7 = G, P, Y
   8 = H, Q, Z
    9= I, R

Take a piece of paper and write out Lion Drive. Look at the numbers above. Follow my example below.

L = 3   I = 9   0 = 6   N = 5   D = 4   R = 9   I = 9   V = 4 and E = 5.


Add the numbers together, 3 + 9 + 6 + 5 + 4 + 9 + 9 + 4 + 5 = 54.

Then break down the total 54 into a single digit, 5 + 4 = 9. Lion Drive equals a ‘9’ street name vibration.

Next, write out the main street address number ‘330’ on your piece of paper. Add them together, 3 + 3 + 0 = 6. This totals a ‘6’ vibration.

Now add both numbers, (6 from the street address number, 330, and 9 from Lion Drive) 6 + 9 = 15.  Break down 15 once again to a single digit, 1 + 5 = 6. The full street address equals a ‘6’ vibration.

Refer back to the number 6 house address vibration and you will find the majority of people on this street would be family-oriented. Now you can use this same method for calculating your own street number.

Refer back to the definitions from pages 18-33, to get a feel for the community or area where you live.

Step 1 Summary

You have just learned how to calculate your home and office address.


You now have a better understanding of what you need to do, be, or help compliment your home and your home office energy; to bring more strength to help your business grow.

In step 2, you will discover why the first impression of your house and entryway is so important to the success of your business.


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