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Numerology is an ancient art of numbers that was discovered by the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras; also the founder of the Pythagorean theory. You might have remembered this theory in your math class while attending school?


In a nutshell, Pythagoras's philosophy was that everything in the universe is made up of energy, and mathematical proportions that carry a sound, vibration, and frequency. Behind all letters, rests numbers. Each letter has a sound vibration, and each number is a mathematical proportion.


Your name is made up of letters that when spoke, carry a vibration. Think of the sound vibration of each vowel we had to memorize in school, 'A, E, I, O, U'. Behind each letter in your name is a number that carries a quality character, and meaning. A qualified numerologist has studied these quality, character number meanings, for many years. Thus, being able to help you understand a deep study of you, and why you are here, and what you came to accomplish, and much more.


For over three decades, I have been working with entrepreneurial business leaders who work their business out of their home base office, or small commercial office space. I have helped my clients transform the inside to the outside of their lives, homes and office spaces, and their health and business, to live a longer, healthier, and prosperous lifestyle.


Fifteen of those years, I have been working with the ancient art of numerology, complimented with my creative marketing brain, and my intuitive gift to see you and witness you and help you realize your true potential. 



My clients are vast from business entrepreneurs, to couples, to babies, and all the in-between.

Whether you are a business owner who is rebranding yourself, starting a new business, revamping your old business, or you desire to know your timing and cycles for starting new business ventures, or achieving certain milestones, or, you are just plain stuck in this COVID mess, I can help bring clarity, direction, and peace of mind to life's ups and downs, and your business goals.


Or, if you are an individual or couple, that would love to understand a deeper study of you, or your partner, or children, again, I can help bring clarity, direction, and greater purpose to your life.


Package 1
Numerology Blueprint Consult

In our 75-minute consultation together, I consult on your personal blueprint which is calculated from your full name at birth and your birth date. You will be sent your number blueprint handout to your inbox for note-taking, while I share my insights on how to live your best life in alignment with your personal life blueprint, personality, desires, what you came here to accomplish, your personal year, and your pinnacles you will reach throughout your life. 

Package 2
Business & You Numerology 
Blueprint Consult

This 2 hour consultation includes your personal numerology blueprint revealed, and your business blueprint revealed. 

Understanding the energy of your numbers in your life and business will bring you more clarity, a stronger vision, and a secure roadmap, that will also deepen your purpose and help you reach higher levels of achievement in your life and business goals, and thus, greater rewards.  



4-hour consultation

Includes the above and then we brainstorm for another couple of hours on mind mapping or rebranding your marketing (i.e. tag lines, business card, and logo,

and marketing ideas.)

 Or, I can help you mind-map and design a plan for your new project, whatever that may be. 

It is also possible to design our VIP day together, to your specific needs.

Package 3
Personal Year

This consultation is for the client who has already had a personal or business numerology consultation with me. The consultation includes, a 30 minute check in to go over your 4-page written review for your personal year profile, complimented with your 12-month biorhythm to use as a guide for keeping you and your business on track, with your life and business goals. A great tool, to know when to go and when to stop, and rest and organize, or the best time for launching a product goal.

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