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NUMEROLOGY FOR BUSINESS: If you are one of the millions of entrepreneurial business owners, that has had to pivot or reinvent your business model when COVID hit, you have most likely had to transform your lifestyle to working at home, with ZOOM as your new platform. I am sure it felt like you were thrown into a tornado, quick, fast and furious, and then spit out the other end!! Literally!!

You may be rockin' and rollin' by now! Or, you may have started this new venture, but you are still lost at sea without a compass. Or, you are trying to find your own new normal after listening to everyone else transform their life, and you just don't know which direction to take. Or, you have this great business idea or project idea, but you know you need some support to help you bounce some ideas with another to bring clarity and direction for this greater purpose you desire. Or, you are just curious about understanding the blueprint you created for yourself, and the connection to you and your business through "the art of numbers".


I can direct you on the 'how to' optimize and co-create the best possible outcome for the success, of you and your business, or your new project idea for the future.


If there is one thing I know for sure after working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, if you are not aligned with your purpose, marketing, and business, your health will suffer, and you will always be lost at sea. Therefore I take my job seriously! It is my job to align you and your business or business project or idea, for better health, wealth, and success, so you can enjoy a long life and the fruits of your labour.



For three decades I have been working with entrepreneurial business leaders who work their business out of their home base office, or small commercial office space. I have helped my clients transform the inside to the outside of their life, health, home, office, and business ventures. Fifteen of those years, I have been working with the ancient art of numerology, complimented with my creative marketing IDEA brain, and my intuitive gift of seeing the potential in my clients whom I have had the honour to work with to help them fulfill their purpose and life goals. 

Package 1
Numerology Blueprint Consult

In our 90-minute consultation together, I consult on your personal blueprint which is calculated from your full name at birth and your birth date. You will be sent your number blueprint handout to your inbox for note-taking, while I share my insights on how to live your best life in alignment with your personal life blueprint, personality, desires, what you came here to accomplish, your personal year, and your pinnacles you will reach throughout your life. 

Whom do I work with?

My clients are vast from babies to millionaires, to couples, and all the in-between. 

Package 2
Business & You Numerology 
Blueprint Consult

This 2 hr consultation includes your personal numerology blueprint revealed, and your business blueprint revealed. 

Understanding the energy of your numbers in your life and business will bring you more clarity, a stronger vision, and a secure roadmap, that will also deepen your purpose and help you reach higher levels of achievement in your life and business goals, and thus, greater rewards.  



Includes the above and then we brainstorm for another couple hours on mind mapping or rebranding your marketing (ie; tag lines, business card, and logo, and marketing ideas.)

 Or, I can help you mind-map and design a plan for your new project, whatever that may be. 

It is also possible to design our VIP day together, according to your needs at the time.

Package 3
Personal Year

This consultation is for the client who has already had a personal or business numerology consultation with me. The consultation includes, a 30 minute check in to go over your 4-page written review for your personal year profile, complimented with your 12-month biorhythm to use as a guide for keeping you and your business on track, with your life and business goals.

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