My Story

At the young age of five, I was inspired by my mother, Sharron, who, at the time, was a display artist for The Bay department store. When my mother wasn't looking, I would move all the pillows, items, and objects around the living room, to my liking. Usually caught in the act, I would argue with my mother that everything was in the wrong place. Little did I know, I not only had an eye for design, but I was also reading imbalanced energy in the room. Later in life, I would discover that I was a natural, in the Art of Feng Shui.

The Entrepreneurial Bug

In my early teens, our family moved to 100 Mile House, B.C., which is known as the Cariboo country. At the age of 14, I got the entrepreneurial bug. I rode my horse Gidget up and down the country roads, knocking on people's doors. My quest? To see if my neighbours needed a babysitter. I ended up looking after a few ranches, and horses, while the owners were away. 

I landed my first real job at a retail jeans store, where I worked my way up to a manager position. I fell in love with the marketing aspect of a business, the creative process of merchandising, and creating window displays. I went on to manage two more clothing stores and a music store. This led to landing a job for The Bay Department, where I was in charge of store displays, and merchandising. Yes! I followed in my mother's footsteps! 


At the age of 28, I got the entrepreneurial bug, once again! This time my creative genes were bubbling. I made a bold step and opened my own freelance styling business. My contracts ranged from importing jewelry from Mexico to market to retail stores, to designing weddings and dried floral designs, to trade show displays, and landing a great gig, working side by side, with a Vancouver photographer, Tony Hurley, as his photography stylist.  

Fashion Model in Trench Coat

Your Never Too Old To Go After A Dream

By the age of 30, I was itching to do something out of my comfort zone. I decided to take a modeling course to boost my confidence, and received my diploma, and certification in runway & modeling. I then turned around and worked for the agency, as their fashion show director.


I taught modeling, and self-development classes, and choreographed tearoom and fashion shows. My students ranged, in age, from 4 years old, to 65 years of age. This picture reminds me of a special girl I trained to become a runway model. Unfortunately, she had lost both her parents in a car accident.


I nurtured her along and helped her get her career off the ground. She gained so much confidence, that she became a catalog model, in Japan.


Three years later, the modeling agency closed down. However, all things happen for a reason.

The Space Stager

Back at the home front, my partner, and, I, were in the midst of selling our home. To our surprise, it sold on the first showing. Our realtor shared with me that 'staging' was just hitting the US, market and that he had not heard of any other stagers in Vancouver. He was so impressed with my work, he told me to make up business cards, and visit him in his office, later that week. Little did he know, I had never heard of the word, 'stager'. However, he thought I was one, so I just went along with it! I studied like mad, all I could, on the marketing of home staging over the next week. Overnight, 'The Space Stager' was born.


Long story short, I showed up at his office with my new business cards. That day, I received a realtor referral. This realtor was located in North Vancouver. It was a very lucrative lead, which lead to word-of-mouth advertising, and kept me busy with staging jobs, for the next 3 years. My hard work paid off, when my business was featured in West Coast Homes, Vancouver Sun, front page, and other newspapers.


Years later, I became quite sick. I realized pretty quickly, it was the chemical toxins in the new floors, rugs, artificial furniture, and the EMF technology, I was exposed to, sometimes, 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.


I also witnessed, stressed, and unhealthy home-based, business owners, who ironically, were the majority of my staging clientele. Some of my clients avoided, even dreaded, going into their home office space. I saw the correlation to my client's performance in their business, and their health, due in part to the condition of their environment, the chaotic energy my clients were living and working in, and the many toxins that they were exposed to, too.




Adversity Finds A Purposeful Path

During this time, in the background of my life, my sibling, and I, both in our mid to late thirties, had been experiencing great adversity in our life. Over a 10-year period, we lost 11 family members to cancer, most in their late 50's, early 60's; two of those being our mother and stepfather. As devastating as it was, I got suspicious of the why. Why had everyone passed from cancer?


When visiting my mother in the morgue, I cut a piece of her hair and sent it to a lab to be tested. A couple of weeks later, I received the lab report. I was aghast at the many chemicals found in her hair sample; asbestos, formaldehyde, lead, mercury, aluminum, and the list went on. This sparked a passionate journey in longevity research, and I have never looked back.

Niche Market Evolves

Meanwhile, back in my staging life, my clients were throwing these small hints my way. I kept receiving phone calls, to stage their new home the way I staged their resale home. After I set up my clients new home environments, they called again to share that they were attracting more clients, and sales had increased!


After witnessing my clients so unhealthy, when I first met them, to the turnaround in their health and happiness, with the set up of their new environments, I realized I had stumbled onto a niche market, in the home-base-business, lifestyle sector. I decided to sell my staging business and specialize, in helping busy entrepreneurs set up their living and working spaces, for success, and healthier living.


I did indeed go on to train in Feng Shui, plus, nutrition, life extension, environmental toxins, EMR safety, and life blueprint, numerology. I then set up an extra service, in interior wellness consulting.

Happy Woman

Synchronistic Encounter

With my ongoing passion to learn about living well, one Saturday morning, I attended a large health seminar. Synchronicity would have it that I sat beside the editor of Alive Magazine, who was Rhody Lake, at the time. Alive magazine was a pioneer in the health and publishing industry, across Canada. Rhody, just so happened, to be looking for a longevity research writer for a feature story.


I shared with her about my life and the mission I was on. She took a chance on me and hired me on the spot. Out of the writing gate, my article and name were published, as a front cover story.  I wrote for Alive magazine for the next 3 years and then moved on to write for a variety of health magazines, across Canada.

After working with home-based entrepreneurs, over the last 16 years, I was inspired to write my first book. I created a 10-step blueprint to help entrepreneurs, flourish in their life, health, workspace, and business. On February 18, 2018, I birthed my first book, "Is Your Home Office Positioned for Stress or Success?"  A 10-Step Blueprint To Keep You Happy, Healthy, Productive, and Profitable In Your Work Space.   MY BOOK


In 2021, I transferred all my services to online Zoom consulting, where I now work with clients, online, locally, across Canada, the USA, and internationally, In the UK, Germany, and Australia. 

I would love to help you Style Your Life To Live Well, Today!   Book a 20-minute discovery call with me below, 

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