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My Story

Listening to people tell me their stories is the joy and foundation of my lifeI feel very blessed for the work I

came here to do. We all have a purpose, and sometimes it

is hidden in our life stories!


I know that other people's stories have inspired me, and given me hope, along my travels throughout my life. So, I decided to write my bio a little bit differently than the average bio. It is more in story form, where I share with

you, how my adversities all turned out to be blessings in disguise. I also share a few serendipity encounters,


This way if you are stuck in your life, maybe reading my story can bring you something of value, insight, a fresh idea, hope, or inspiration. Or even lift your spirit, to know that you can do anything when you focus your mind on your desires. Always do what you love to do, and never settle for anything less! Enjoy!    Warmly, Kim.


Looking back around the age of five, years old, I was inspired by my mother, Sharron, who, at the time, was a display artist for The Bay department store. When my mother wasn't looking, I would move all the pillows, items, and objects around the living room, to my liking. Usually caught in the act, I would argue with my mother that everything was in the wrong place. Little did I know, I not only had an eye for design, but I also had an intuitive ability to read imbalanced energy in the room, and, also, I could intuit imbalances around people, and animals.

Besides being that sensitive, intuitive, little girl, I always had a microphone in my hand. Well, honestly, a hairbrush took the place of the microphone! Singer? Talk show host? Counselor? Teacher? Speaker? Who was I to be when I grew up? I had a deep desire to understand the emotions of people. What the heck makes us tick? Why are we all here? How was that butterfly made? However, these thoughts and gifts were abruptly pushed aside, for a greater reason. Way beyond what I could ever imagine.


My sibling and I grew up in an alcoholic home. My father thought that moving my mother away from her drinking buddies in Vancouver, B.C., would help her to quit. So, my parents purchased 130 acres of raw land, in 100 Mile House, B.C. We sold our house, packed our belongings, and headed northbound during the middle of a cold, November winter, to our new home in the Cariboo.

Life seemed so simple in the country. We had to walk a mile to our school bus driver's ranch, and catch the bus, as our school was 10 miles away. We melted snow in the winter when the pipes froze. Dad and I took a flashlight down to the creek at night and did flashlight-fishing. Sneaky, and against the law! No one could ever find us! We were so far away from our neighbours, and people!


That was the kicker. It was the far-away-from-people, and loneliness, that caused my mother to drink even more, and the fights got worse. One day I had enough. I left the house, saddled up my horse, and headed down the country road. My mission was to try and figure out a way I could make money, so I could spend less time around the house, and not be dependent on my parents. 


Little did I know, LIFE WAS HAPPENING FOR ME. My parents fighting, was throwing me in a direction to learn what the life of an entrepreneur was all about. It was a blessing in disguise.


Whisked Away

My horse, Gidget, was my solace. I came up with the idea

to babysit. I was 14 years old, and I knew I could do it. I knocked on many neighbour's doors that day. However, because I was riding a horse, they asked me, instead, to house-sit their ranches while they were away. Cool!

My little entrepreneurial business didn't last too long, as

my mother left dad and us kids and moved back to Vancouver.  I was left to take care of the house, and laundry. Six months later, my mother filed for divorce and won the custody battle for us siblings. However, my younger sibling ran away, so it was just me.


After the custody trial was over, my mother drove me back to the ranch and told me to pack my bags, I was heading back to Vancouver, with her and her boyfriend. My whole world was pulled out from under my feet, as I was whisked away in a matter of minutes. I felt like I was kidnapped, as earlier that day, I had to testify on a recorder, in the courtroom. I was asked whom I wanted to live with. I shared that I wanted to live with my dad, and my animals.



I didn't last long in Vancouver. Four months later, my grandma, (bless her soul) helped me to plan a  Bonnie & Clyde, plan of escape, to drive me to the Greyhound bus, so I could head back home to the ranch. When I arrived, my Dad had already got on with his life and had moved in with a woman and her two boys. Immediately, we all noticed, that she was threatened when Dad would hug me. All the attention was now taken away from her. It got so bad I was scared to be around her when dad wasn't home. Even her two sons went back to live with their father. In desperation, once again, I had to come up with an escape plan.

Just as I began to write out my game plan, with finishing school in 100 Mile House, as first on the list, a very volatile fight broke out, upstairs. It was 10:00 at night, 10 below zero, the middle of the winter, knee-deep snow on the ground, and it just happened to be cougar country, but something courageous in me took over. I packed a small bag and snuck out the basement door and ran away. It was a mile to my bus driver's house, thinking to myself, when I would get there, I would call my girlfriend.



As I got to the end of our long driveway, I turned around for a last look, and there trailing behind me, were all the horses and dogs, all looking at me in bewilderment. I gasped for air, when I realized, almost a year prior, I was looking out the back window at Gidget when I was whisked away from my roots. It hit me hard, that this was happening, once again. However, I couldn't turn back. This time I made the choice for my sanity. Yet here, standing in front of me, were six beautiful souls. How could I ever leave them behind? My heart froze. I kissed everyone goodbye and headed out into the dark of the night.


will never forget that vision of the six of them. Their faces and bodies were as black as a panther, standing in the deep snow with mountains of snow behind them. The flood light that was wired high on a

tree to shine a light on the gate, was casting a stage light behind them. Gut-wrenching, when I allow myself to feel it, but a breathless scene, and a timeless memory, at that.


My mother signed for welfare, from the Vancouver office, so I could finish school, and get an apartment, and my sibling could come and live with me till I graduated. My monthly welfare check was $380.00 a month. It was back in the '70s, era. My rent was $180.00. Calculate how much I had to live on, not much. This taught me very early in my life, how to make a dollar last. 


 Entrepreneur Fever 

So how was this early part of my life a blessing in disguise?

I had to grow up fast and be responsible for my own future. After I graduated, I started a home cleaning, and pet-sitting business. My early life taught me how to make something out of nothing. and definitely taught me how to take risks. These are all the abilities you need to survive as an entrepreneur. I have been able to re-invent myself over the years, because of this early-life training.


It only takes one person to change your life, forever. One day I

surprised my regular cleaning client for her 60th birthday, and transformed her whole house to permeate style and beauty. She was so elated she brought the neigbours over for a house

house party. The rest is history.


This led to my home staging business, The Space Stager, where I was written up in several newspapers. for reselling clients' homes. However, business got even busier with my clients requesting that their new homes and offices be set

up the same way I staged them, but instead, geared for living, I often travelled out of town to style their homes. So, I sold my staging business to follow this calling. To date, I have now been styling, for 35 years.

I also kept my doors open for freelance styling jobs. This

led to experiences in window display, merchandising, still photography styling, wedding, and flower design, trade show design, to working on a contract basis with a modeling agency, as their fashion show director, and becoming a petite model myself. Later I received my certification in the Art of Feng Shui, to help my clients live better in flow with their life and spaces.



Two years later, the modeling agency closed down, and my contract came to a close. Just as they closed their doors, adversity came crashing into our lives again. Believe it or not, the love of my life, also walked into my life, in the midst of what was about to unfold. Our lives would never be the same.

Over the next 10 years, we would lose 11 family members to cancer. Most were in their late fifties, and early 60's. Two of those were our mom, and her then husband, who became our adoring stepfather. Sadly, they passed two years apart. As devastating as it was, my sibling and I, only in our 30s, at the time, I got suspicious of the why. Why had everyone passed from cancer? 


When visiting my mother in the morgue, I cut a piece of her hair and sent it to a lab to be tested. A couple of weeks later, I received the lab report. I was aghast at the many chemicals found in her hair sample; asbestos, formaldehyde, lead, mercury, aluminum, and the list went on. This sparked a passionate journey in longevity research, to find answers. I called this time of my life my wellness safari. I have never looked back. 


The love of my life turned out to be an alcoholic. The universe gave me a second chance to heal what I once lived with. I did indeed hear the calling. He did quit drinking cold turkey and then joined me on my wellness safari. A blessing in disguise. Tears me up, how proud I was of him.


Serendipity played a huge role over these many years, as I ventured on my wellness safari. I trained with

a few allopathic doctors, scientists, a sports nutritionist, a Naturopath, a holistic nutritionist, an EMF practitioner, and Samuel Epstein, who was a cancer specialist, who taught me about toxic chemicals. I eventually received my certifications, as a life extension practitioner, and holistic nutritionist. 


The highlight of my career was sitting beside the editor of Alive Magazine (the first pioneer health magazine in Canada). I had no clue who she was. We struck up a conversation, and I ended up giving

her a ride home. Driving home she was subtly, upset, as she shared with me she had lost her front cover writer. It was on the subject of Alzheimer's. I boldly put my hand up. I always wanted to be a writer. I told her my story, and the journey I was on. She hired me on the spot. I wrote for Alive magazine, for three years, and then moved on to write for other health and wellness magazines, across Canada.

Talk Show

Failure Brings My Calling

Prior to what I am about to share with you, I spent a lot of

money on business plans and gathering investors, to build architectural plans for two wellness centers. One was in Las Vegas, and the other was a wellness horse ranch. I lost everything when one company closed their doors, and the other, well, it is a long story. I felt like a failure. I hit rock bottom and experienced, what some call, the DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL.

One night I turned on the TV, to the Fanny Keefer show. She was a well-known talk show host, in Vancouver. Fanny's guest was a trends analyst, who was a broker and numerologist; all in one. Something washed over me, and I got goosebumps up and down my spine. After the show, I called the numerologist and asked her how I could become a numerologist. A year later I was certified. Some say this was fortuitous. I say it was by design! Today, after many years of practicing as a life blueprint numerologist, I can tell you there are no accidents.

As I began doing numerology consultations for my clients, my intuitive ability, which had been stuffed since childhood, came alive. In fact, I trained for 3 years, with some of the best instructors, to develop this ability. We must honour the gifts we are given. Our gifts are given to us for a reason. 



From 2018 to 2021, cancer hit my life, once again. We lost my husband's mother, in 2018, to stomach cancer. Then my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer, which hit us sideways, out of the blue. He passed, in 2019. Then my husbands' sister passed to ovarian cancer, in 2020. And lastly, we lost my father to pancreatic cancer, in 2021.

I beat myself up for the longest time, with all I know about health, thinking I could have been

the saviour, for my family. After all, this was my purpose, to find answers to what caused cancer. I sold everything we owned to give my husband the best of nutrition, and treatments.

Today rebuilding my life as a widow, quite literally, from the ground up again, the first thing I had to do was forgive myself before I could heal. I went to healing circles, where I learned that is a common thing to blame yourself. It took time. Step by step, day by day, until the phoenix in me rose out of the ashes. After 3 years, I was finally able to grant my husband's wishes and spread his ashes, this past, January 6th, in Stanley Park, at Prospect Point, in Vancouver, B.C.



The day my girlfriend and I drove into Stanely Park, Michael Buble' came on the radio, singing,

"I want to go home, please let me go home." The words sent chills up our spine. We knew he was with us. The spot I picked to spread his ashes, was still and quiet, with neither a person, boat, bird or plane flying in the sky, to be seen. The minute I spread his ashes, a big tugboat, carrying an empty cargo flatbed behind him, appeared from the right. From the left, another boat came at us. Up in the sky a plane flew over our head, and then an eagle. He showed me he was at peace. He was happy to go home. My soul became peaceful as well. I thanked him for our love and life experiences, together.

I shared my story with you because I chose to be more real with who I am, and where I have been. I am a humanitarian. I care about the world at large. I know there are a lot of people on the planet that need healing right now, or inspiration to keep going. Just knowing that I might help one person through sharing my experiences, that I am human, and knowing that I have been there and done that and got to the other side, and may bring you hope, or inspiration . . . this puts a big smile on my face.

R (14).jpg

Where I Have Landed

When attending a class, many years, ago, by, wealth specialist, Harv Ecker, I will never forget his words, "Whatever you go through in life that is so hard, and

you get to the other side, it is your Dharma to teach, educate, mentor, train, or serve that knowledge back to others. It is called "right living". It is just the right thing

to do."


As far as my wellness safari journey on my pursuit to find the answers to what causes cancer. This is the sentence I share with you"You cannot put a forest fire out with just one hose, you have to come at it from all angles". 


Point blank, it is a complete overhaul lifestyle change. Please note, I do not work with cancer patients. I just wanted to find out why my entire family died of cancer.


Throughout my life, the research and training, I have gathered, I have applied to my own life, as prevention. I turned my research passion (forever ongoing) into learning all I could about, purpose, prevention and longevity, from all angles, thus, The Life Stylist was born.



I specialize in 3 areas PURPOSE, SPACE, and LONG LIFE. Without purpose and knowing who you truly are, and what you came here to do, you maybe lost at sea, with no meaning. Without a safe, beautiful, space-refuge to allow your soul to unwind, relax and rejuvenate, we cannot heal from life's stresses, nor see our future, clearly. Without good health, we have no fuel to drive our body vehicle to live a long life and fulfill our dreams, and happiness.


  1. You are an entrepreneur and business owner. You are either stuck in your life or business and need to get unstuck! You are ready for CHANGE to move all that stuck energy and make way for NEW ENERGY in your life! Whether this is a restyle of your home or home office, or you feel you want to rebrand you and your business in a new direction. 

  2. You are in the middle of a life transition, divorce, or moving, and looking for a lifestylist to help you put yourself back together, so to speak. This might look like, organizing and setting up your new home, or redesigning your current home, or looking to design a new, and also consulting you on your next steps in life with understanding your life blueprint and what stage of life you are in. Thus, giving you more confidence and knowing what step you can take that is purposeful, and meaningful, for your future.

  3. You have been mourning the loss of a loved one for several years and you are ready to rebuild your life. You will never stop loving your loved one, but you know that he or she, would want you to move on with your life, and be happy. However, you just don't know where to start, it is overwhelming. You may need to redefine your identity. You may want to try on a new style, new hair, new clothes. You may want to buy furniture and redesign your environment, with your own tastes. You may even want to start your own business. However, it all seems so overwhelming, and you don't know where to start. You are looking for a compassionate lifestylist who would understand you and guide you step by step, along the way, to help you rebuild a new life.


If you resonated with my bio story, and your desire is to work with a lifestylist, whose main goal is to see you reach your greatest potential in your personal life, health, spaces, and/or your business, and help you align deeper with your purposeful life blueprint, so you can experience more meaning, prosperity, and joy in your life, then reach out to me and book a 20 min. discovery call, below.

I look forward to meeting you, wherever you have landed on your life journey. Warmly, Kim.


Book a 20 Min. Discovery Call Today!

I've got your back when it comes to helping you transform and re-style your life! 

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