Arizona mountains, walking in nature, organic food, longevity research, writing books, stories, and poetry, educating others on wellness, making all things beautiful, being a voice for abused animals, being with family and good friends, watching Jimmy  Fallon for a good laugh, listening to all types of music, dancing, and bringing the best out of every space and every person that crosses my path ... feeds my soul and brings me great joy in my life!

My Story

At the young age of five, I was inspired by my mother, Sharron, who, at the time, was an interior decorator and display artist for The Bay department store. When my mother wasn't looking, I would move all the pillows, items, and objects around the living room, to my liking.


Usually caught in the act, I would argue with my mother that everything was in the wrong place. Little did I know, I not only had an eye for design, but I was also reading imbalanced energy in the room. Later in life, I would find out that I was a natural at feng shui energy placement.


My first job was selling clothes in a retail store while living in Alberta, Canada. I quickly moved into management and fell in love with the marketing aspect of the business, and the creative process of merchandising and window displays. I went on to manage two more clothing stores and a music store, until landing a job for The Bay Department, where I was in charge of store merchandising and display. Yes! I followed in my mother's footsteps.

Entrepreneur Bug

At the age of 28, I got the entrepreneurial bug. I made a bold step and opened my own freelance styling business. My contracts ranged from dried floral design, wedding design, trade show styling, setting the stage for boat owners for resale at the Bay Shore Marina, photography styling for Tony Hurley Photography, and fashion show design for two modeling agencies. In my one modeling contract, I ended up training to be a petite model and worked for the modeling company; training modeling and self-development classes for students aged 4 - 65 years of age, and choreographing tearoom and fashion shows.


Using my experience from setting the stage for boat owners to sell their boats, I set the stage for our own home that was up for sale. It just happened to sell on the first showing. The realtor approached me to work with him and stage houses. When I told him that I had called my staging boat business, "The Space Stager", he shared with me that staging wasn't even around back in the late 1980s. He told me I was a true pioneer. (P.S. I read an article that reminisced back in the '1980s, where train stations would hire what they call 'fluffers' to clean up the railroad tracks. The rich people saw the opportunity to hire the fluffers to fluff their pillows, so to speak. This is where I got my idea!)


I later moved on to work with another realtor, which lead to operating a successful home staging business and staging a range of million-dollar homes, in the West Vancouver and North Vancouver, area.


It was during this time, that I witnessed stressed and unhealthy home-based business owners, who ironically, were the majority of my staging clientele. This was due in part to the chaotic energy my clients were living and working in, and the many toxins I found throughout my client's spaces. Some of my clients avoided, even dreaded, going into their office spaces. I saw the correlation to their home and office space, and how these environments were affecting my client's health, and the ability to enjoy their business, and aspects of their life.

Adversity Brings Destiny

At the same time, I was witnessing my sick clients in their homes and home offices, I was also witnessing many of my family members passing to cancer. My mother and stepfather, in their late 50's, sadly were part of our great loss in my sister and my life. Totalling 11 family members to cancer, both of us still young in our late 30's.


As devastating as it was to witness my family's passing I became suspicious if there were toxins in my mother's body, with the correlation with my clients. So, I had a sample of her hair tested. The findings of the many toxins the lab found in my mother's hair sample set me on a journey in longevity research and the truth about cancer.


In my travels, I trained as a Life Extension Practitioner and Natural Health Product Consultant and apprenticed with my nutrition teacher for 10 years, by her side, helping her on weekends with educational nutrition workshops. I was determined to learn everything I could to live a healthy life. My dream was to eventually become a longevity research writer.

Meanwhile back in my staging life, my clients began calling me after I staged their home for selling. Most shared that they didn't want to leave their home and office space, they loved the energy and ambiance. My clients literally begged me to set up their new homes and offices the same way I staged them for resale, once their homes sold.


Later after my clients settled into their new homes, once again, I began receiving calls that their businesses were taking off. Seeing a niche market in the home base business lifestyle sector, I sold my staging business to specialize in helping busy entrepreneurs with setting up their living and working spaces for healthier living, which led to helping them in the creative marketing of their business. Plus, advising my clients on their own health, and taking them shopping to transform their food products and toxic chemicals, throughout their homes and offices.

I later trained in Feng Shui Design, and Numerology to help my clients with their business, and have since trained with Marie Diamond, in her Feng Shui For Life, 8-week course. 

Synchronistic Encounter

With my on-going passion to learn about living well, one Saturday morning, I attended a large health seminar. Synchronicity would have it that I sat beside the editor of Alive Magazine, who was Rhody Lake, at the time. She just so happened to be looking for a longevity research writer for her front cover story. I told her about my life and the mission I was on. She hired me on the spot. My dream of becoming a writer came true.


I wrote for Alive Magazine for 3 years and then moved on to write for a variety of health magazines across Canada. I eventually integrated my health studies into my consulting business and began teaching 'Interior Wellness Workshops'.


After working with a wide variety of home-based entrepreneurs over the last 15 years, I was inspired to write my first book and create a blueprint for creating a happy, healthy, and prosperous workspace to help my clients flourish in their life and business.


On February 18, 2018, I birthed my first book, "Is Your Home Office Positioned for Stress or Success?"  A 10 Step Blueprint To Make You Happy, Healthy,  Productive, and Profitable 


Evolution With My Business

My interior styling business has evolved to online-styling services, and my numerology consulting business has expanded, internationally, to work with a vast array of clients, where I help you creatively align your purpose, business & marketing, to everything from your book idea, and book cover, to your company name, and/or logo.


My passion is seeing you living and working, in a healthy, harmonious environment, while you achieve all you came here to be, do, and especially prosper from your gifts you were born with.

Kim Louise Easterbrook


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