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Bottom ...

Fifteen years ago, I put my interior styling business, temporarily on the shelf, to pursue an opportunity to open a, 5-acre, wellness ranch.

Long story short, a matter of events led me to lose everything ... even my partnership.


I came home that day, feeling like a bag of old pretzels, that had been sitting in the cupboard for a year; stale, and dead. I grabbed my blanket, wrapped it around myself, turned on the TV, and curled up on the couch to distract myself from my great loss. 

Little did I know I was about to experience, synchronicity, in the most bizarre form, that would lead me down a path I never dreamed, and compliment my interior home and office styling, and feng shui consulting business,


On the screen in front of me, sat a commodities broker, who was also a numerologist. She was sharing the number calculations she had discovered about the talk show host, who was interviewing her.


Goosebumps ran up my spine, and down my arms, as I listened to her reveal things that shocked the host! I will never forget that moment.


I waited impatiently for the host to share her name, and website, on the screen. Luckily it

was an old show, so I immediately called the numerologist. I purchased her book and her CD training, and I have never looked back. However, there is more ... 

Talk Show
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I was able to calculate my partner's chart and understood where our relationship went wrong. I shared this with him, and we got back together

I also understood why my sister and I always fought as kids, and why we still bang heads to this day. I understood why my parents divorced. They were not a good match. It was the best thing that happened to them. I understood why so many of my family members passed to cancer very young, so it could lead me to keep others safe and healthy in their homes, and allow for a much deeper insight, into the dynamics of my clients' lives. Knowing my LIFE BLUEPRINT, my life made sense.


It is in the darkest moments, that we must never quit. Right around the corner, is a lighthouse full of solutions, and sometimes even better-than-before, opportunities for growth, and peace of mind. 

So what is the Art of Numerology, you ask?

It is a unique system of numbers, designed by the famous, mathmetician, Pythagorus. Behind every letter in the alphabet, is a number. And each of these numbers express a vibration and meaning, that also carry sounds. Just think about all the things in your life that are made up of numbers!


When I Feng Shui my clients home and office, I use the 9 sectors of a life map, to set up their home. In numerology I also work with the sequence of numbers, 1 through 9, which I use to calculate your birthdate, birth name, and house number. If you purchase a business consultation, then we calculate your business numbers, to ad to your personal chart. These elements make up your LIFE BLUEPRINT.




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  1. You will gain more clarity, greater knowledge, and a deeper understanding of the life you designed for yourself, so you can move forward with more confidence. 

  2. You will feel a deeper sense of purpose and certainty towards what you really came to accomplish in this lifetime. 

  3. You will come to understand things in your past that have been affecting your life, and perhaps even your relationships or your business, and walk away with solutions and remedies to turn your past into your greater purpose.

  4. You will also leave with tangible life changes that can be put into action immediately; when addressing the subject of your life, that you want to transform the most.

  5. You will come away from the consultation more aware, perhaps overwhelmed with all the new insights towards yourself, and others, yet excited, enlightened, and ready to go after your life desires, and goals with more joy, enthusiasm, and determination.

 Consulting Packages

Life Blueprint 



  • This consultation includes a deep dive into your personal numerology chart to discover the entirety of you.

  • Duration: 90-minutes on Zoom, or in person.

  • Includes a coloured Life Blueprint Numerology Chart.


Personal & Business Blueprint


  • This consultation includes Package 1, and a review of the numbers of your business chart in relation to your personal numerology chart. 

  • Duration: 2 hours on Zoom.

  • Includes 2 coloured, Life & Business Blueprint Numerology Charts.

Life Blueprint

  • This consultation focuses on both you and your partners life blueprint numerology chart, and a compatibility chart. Whether you are thinking about hiring a new business partner, or better understand your business partner, or, you desire to learn how to better understand your life partner; which will help you enhance a more fullfilled relationship, this consultation is for you both.

  • PLEASE NOTE: I am not a marriage counselor. I am an advisor. I have a keen perception to feel and see the insights of others and the dynamics between each other, and I compliment this insight, through your numbers. 

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