Kim Louise Easterbrook brings over 30 years of combined experience in display, interior styling and staging interiors of many a variety.

Today she is a sought after expert in her field as an Interior Space Consultant, Feng Shui Practitioner, Numerology Coach, and Life Extension Practitioner. Kim Louise helps modern-day entrepreneurs create living and working spaces, that are not only beautiful, healthy, calm and tranquil, but are energized to attract more clients, success, and prosperity 
your way.

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Know Your Numbers, Know Your Life!
Enjoy a private session with Kim Louise
"The Numerology Coach" 



This consultation is for you the client who is interested in discovering your personal numerology life blueprint. I call this "Your Life Map". You are curious to know why you are here and desire to get that burning question answered, "What is my purpose?" Or, you are a person that may be stuck in your life and business, which usually is a result of a major transition you need to make or a major life decision. Whatever the circumstances you have come to the right place for guidance, direction, and support.  

You will receive a number guide sheet to follow and take notes over the phone with me, prior

to our consultation.


Includes a 60 minute

phone consultation



This consultation is the DELUX package. Designed for the serious business owner who

not only wants to learn their personal numerology blueprint, but you also desire to understand your business blueprint. 

Includes a quality binder with 20 - 25 coloured pages of both your personal and business blueprint material, for your reference guide. Plus a 2 hr, in-person consultation. 

For the client who would prefer a phone consultation, a zoom meeting will be arranged, and your binder will be sent in the mail.



This consultation is for the client who has already received a personal or business consultation with me. The consultation includes a 3 page report with calculations for the rest of your numerology 2019 cycle for the year and months remaining, and your personal year numerology cycle profile for 2020, complimented with your monthly 12 month numerology report, to use as your map for 2020 to keep you on track with your life and business goals.

Includes a 35-minute phone call to review your report. 

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is best for you, at this time in your life.


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