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For over three decades, I have been working with entrepreneurial business leaders who work their business out of their home base office, or small commercial office space. I have helped my clients transform the inside to the outside of their lives, businesses, homes, and home-office spaces to align with their desired goals and lifestyle.


Fifteen years ago, I trained in Pythagorean numerology, and Fengshui, and added these tools to complement my creative marketing, writing, authorship, and graphic design background, to help you the client get even more clarity in your life, business, and marketing.



  1. You are a home-based business owner who is taking your business in a different direction, and you are looking to creatively, brainstorm together, new branding ideas, names, tag lines, headings, colours, business cards, and a logo design.

  2. You are a home-based business owner who desires to revamp or refresh, your already existing business branding, plus, a home office restyle.

  3. You are a home-based business owner whose desire is to mindmap your book idea, title, chapters, and a book cover look.



VIP Package 1


  • A personal & business numerology review.

  • A mind map session of your business goals and vision.

  • Brainstorming all branding ideas, names, tag lines, headings, cards, logo, etc.

  • This 4-hour session can also be used, if you desire, instead, to mind-map your book idea, title, and chapters, and a book cover look.

VIP Package 1
Plus A Feng Shu
Office Restyle
6 hrs
VIP Package 2


  • Package 1, plus an in-person or virtual restyle of your home-based office, and styling & design tips, if extra accessories need to be purchased.

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