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In our modern-day busy and hectic lifestyle, every human on earth requires a tranquil place to live and work in, where one can connect with their own meaning and purpose of life, surrounded by things that bring them peace of mind, and joy, for the serenity and calm of one's soul ...    Kim Louise Easterbrook

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 Home and Office

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Style Your Spaces

In-Person With Kim Louise


Enjoy an in-home, private, consultation and styling, with Kim Louise. Choose from a half-day or full-day service for your home or home office space. Shift and transform your living and working spaces for renewed energy flow, style, beauty, and tranquility, for greater well-being, personal growth, and business success!

Home Interior Consulting


This consultation is for the client

who's desire is to take baby steps to work with Kim Louise and transform and re-style, a couple

of rooms at a time. Includes decluttering and Feng Shui tips, and a walkthrough of the entire house to determine which spaces are of most important to style.



This consultation is for the client who is ready to spend a whole day with Kim Louise, and SHIFT and re-style your home only. With the goal to create a beautiful and tranquil home, with good feng shui energy flow. Or, surprise a friend or loved one while they are away at work!


  •  A questionnaire will be sent to you prior to our consultation. 

  • A brief summary of your home address meaning and energy.

  •  A summary of our day together, and extra purchases we discuss during our consultation.

Feng Shui Home Office


This consultation is for the entrepreneur whose main focus is on his or her home-based office or small commercial office space. You desire to transform, style. and Feng Shui your office space for a fresh new look, style, tranquility, and more feng shui energy flow for success. Or, you are moving into a new office space and you desire to apply feng shui to set up your office space.


A half-day or full-day can be designed to your specific request.



  • A walkthrough of your home and home office, or commercial office space to access location and desk positioning.

  • A copy of the feng shui office Bagua map for future reference.

  • A brief summary of your office address meaning and energy.

  • A summary of our day and extra styling tips we discuss.

Modern Interior
Home & Office DELUX


This consultation is a full day deluxe service if you are ready to transform your entire home and home office space, to create more style, feng shui energy flow, beauty, tranquility, and greater business success. 



  • A questionnaire will be sent to you prior to our consultation.

  • A walkthrough of your home and office to assess the health, safety, and the office and desk positioning and where to start first in your home.  

  • A brief summary of your home address meaning and energy. 

  • A brief numerology name and birth date profile.

  • One copy each, of the feng shui Bagua map for your home and one for your office.

  • A summary of our day with any extra purchases we discuss

Inquires Into Home Staging 

I was an original, staging expert in the Vancouver area, back in1989, staging boats at the Bayshore, in Vancouver.


I then moved into residential real estate staging in the areas of West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey, and Maple Ridge.


Although I retired in 2009, with a full crew, I am still available for private consulting, for realtors and homeowners.


You can fill out the form at the bottom, to contact me, personally.


In the meantime, you can check out my staging media and portfolio page.


Thank you for your interest in my services.


I look forward to being of service to you, soon.

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