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"Longlife is not given to us on a silver platter. It is earned by how we take care of our body temple, and how safe we keep our dwellings to protect our body temple, while we live, sleep, eat, and work in our spaces."       Kim Louise Easterbrook



If you haven't read my story yet, by the age of 38, my sister and I had lost 11 family members to cancer, one of those being our mother at 58, and stepdad at 59.


After my mother passed, I took a hair sample to get it tested and was totally shocked to find asbestos, formaldehyde, aluminum, and a list a mile long of the toxins in her body. My call out to the universe to understand the why? attracted one of my greatest teachers ever, Samuel Epstein, MD, a scholar, and professor of environmental and occupational medicine.


Dr. Epstein was known for his activism towards the cause of cancer and had written 15 books, and published over 250 scientific articles on the subject. 

Epstein emerged as a leading international authority on the causes and prevention of cancer by identifying and preventing avoidable exposures to carcinogens in consumer products, air, water, and the workplace, on which he has conducted extensive basic and applied scientific research.

Time To Detox!

I learned from Dr. Epstein, of the many carcinogens that were known to cause cancer surrounded in the home. This led me on a path to learn how to prevent a person from getting cancer.

At the time, I was a real estate stager.  I found a majority of my clients living in toxic and unhealthy homes. Part of staging is tearing down the old or even moving all the furniture out and bringing in new furniture.  I got very sick from being amongst dust, mold, artificial chemicals, and off-gassing, the emf and wifi pollution, and, of course, the toxic cleaning products lying around in my client's homes that were also off-gassing in the air.  I would depart out of my client's homes, buzzing in my head from the wifi, and feeling dizzy, like I was just hit by a truck. It would always take me a couple of days to recoup.


Most of the time, I was called to set up my client's new home after we sold their stage home. It was a great opportunity to set up their new home and office for healthier living. I was able to teach my clients about the chemicals, and help them transform their homes. I began getting calls that my clients were feeling healthier, and their businesses were booming. 

Have you ever thought about all the chemicals you are exposed to in your home? The air inside your home is 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside! We always hear about detoxing our body, but first, we have to DETOX OUR HOME!


This is our FIRST STEP in working together, where I teach and help you detox all the chemicals out of your home, and then take you shopping to purchase toxic-free options, to create a healthier home environment.


Natural Food

After learning about toxic household chemicals, I went on to study with a kinesiologist and nutritionist, Gladdy Crosson. I apprenticed with her for 10 years. I helped her with lectures and writing nutritional course material, and became a certified practitioner in nutrition studies.


Later, I received my certification as a Life Extension Practitioner and Natural Health Product Consulting and studied with Jeffrey Armstrong in Ayurvedic  Body Type Analisis. The truth is our bodies are all made up of elements and no one size fits all.


I believe there is a simpler way of taking care of our body temple. The world has made it so complicated, When we were born we were made perfect by the creation of nature, god, the universe, the cosmos, whatever you want to call it. Nature also made sure to provide us with food grown on trees, grown in the ground, and grown in the ocean to provide and maintain our body temples.

It is not new news that food nowadays has fillers, sugars, chemicals, and hidden, pesticides and GMO's. Not to mention, many of our waters are full of fluoride or chlorine. 

This is our THIRD STEP in working together. We go through your cupboards and I teach you about good health, and then we take you shopping to introduce you to a healthier way of eating to help you transform your entire kitchen for healthy, natural, non-chemical, organic eating, and drinking good healthy alkaline water. 

Woman Cooking in Kitchen

Electrical Pollution

"Electropollution” is a general term used to define 60HzAC (alternating current) fields that flow through our homes on electrical wiring. These are electrical fields, magnetic fields, dirty electricity, and wifi radiation.

That being said, it is truly the side effects of electro-pollution that have become a serious problem in our society. Dr. Olle Johansson, a neuroscientist at the Karolinski Institute in Sweden, says, “We as a society are exposed to 100 billion times the EMR (electromagnetic frequency radiation) that our grandfathers were exposed to.”

As we allow more and more wireless technology into our lives we are becoming more and more sensitive to the side-effects. Wireless technology is dose-dependent and accumulates in our bodies. That is, the longer we use wireless technology the more likely we will have a reaction to it in time.

Today you can find a wireless home with cordless phones, wireless internet, cell phones, wireless alarms, an X-box, Wi-Fi games, microwave ovens, wireless lighting controls, and sometimes a wireless baby monitor. Then you slap a smart meter on the outside of the house and it amplifies the radiation 10 fold.


The most dangerous areas are often in the home office workplace with all the wireless devices in use. A wireless internet router can be the equivalent of having a cell tower in your home, and when you combine this with a digital electronic cordless telephone (or DECT) and other wireless devices you turn your home and office into a microwave oven,

There are many side-affects when enduring so much radiation. Symptoms like sleep disturbances, digestive problems, difficulty learning, short term memory loss, immune dysfunction, just to name a few.

This is our SECOND STEP in working together, where I travel throughout your home with my gauss meter and identify harmful areas where you may be sleeping, working, or perhaps spend a lot of time in. Once we determine the areas, I may make suggestions for furniture movement, and also offer many EMF solutions.

Beach Meditation

You And Your

Body Temple

I believe there is a simpler way of taking care of our body temple. The world has made it so complicated, When we were born we were made perfect by the creation of nature, god, the universe, the cosmos, whatever you want to call it. Nature also made sure to provide us with food grown on trees, grown in the ground, and grown in the ocean to provide and maintain our body temples.

We were not meant to sit for long periods of time. Lymphatic stagnation is a huge factor in inflammation.

Our bodies are meant to move. There are different exercises for different body types, Not everyone likes to meditate or do yoga, some of us like to run, and do fast sports, to fuel that fire element in our body type. 

Just getting up every 20 minutes from your computer and jumping on a mini-trampoline or stretching, is one step closer to living a longer life. GET UP AND MOVE! 

This is our FOURTH STEP in working together, where I will help you determine your body type exercises.

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