"Long-life is not given to you on a silver platter. It is earned
by how you take care of your body temple, and how safe you keep your dwellings to protect your body temple, while you live, sleep, eat, and work in your spaces."

Kim Louise Easterbrook


The Road To Healthier Living

Along my path of research to live a healthier lifestyle, I trained with, Dr. Samuel Epstein. He was a scholar, and professor of environmental and occupational medicine. Dr. Epstein emerged as a leading international authority on the causes of prevention of cancer, by identifying and preventing, avoidable exposures to carcinogens in consumer products, air, water, and the home,

and workplace.

Over the years, I applied what I learned from Dr. Epstein, to help my clients detox their homes and offices for healthier living. This lead to my online consulting service, 3 Steps To Detox Your Life, that I now provide, via Zoom, for my local and international clients.

Step 1 - Chemical Detox



IN STEP 1my goal is to bring awareness, to all the chemicals, and toxins, you are exposed to in your home, and workspace. Many a product can off-gas, for years. The air inside your home is 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside! We always hear about detoxing our body, but first, we have to DETOX OUR HOME!

INCLUDES: A Zoom walk through your entire home, and workspace, together, while sharing my knowledge, on the danger of the chemicals. I then advise you on safer, non-chemical products to replace. 

TIME: Depending on the size of your house, our Zoom call could be anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. Most often we split our call into two,

separate days, 2 hours a day.

Step 2 - Electro-pollution Detox

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IN STEP 2, my goal is to bring awareness, to not only, the electropollution and EMR radiation you are surrounded by, inside, and outside your home, 24/7, but the side affects from EMR exposure. Symptom's can result in sleep disturbances, to digestive, and hormonal, and immune system problems; which may be upsetting your quality of life.

INCLUDES: A Zoom walk though your home and work space, to determine safety issues. I then educate you, on immediate, safer solutions, tips, and researched safety products, if needed. 

TIME: Depending on the size of your house. It could be anywhere from 2 - 4 hours, with a break in between. If there is an electrical problem, I have referrals to send, you.

Step 3 - Kitchen Detox


In Step 3, my goal is to bring awareness to the chemicals, sugars, fats, etc. in your products you use, and eat, that are stored inside your cupboards, and your fridge. I then guide you through the transition of healthier choices to refill your kitchen, for you and your family, including your cooking utensils.



INCLUDES: Helping you to slowly transition your products and food, step-by-step, and provide sources for healthier food and product choices, for your shopping list.

TIME: 4 weeks - 2 calls per week  (8 calls in total)

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