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This consultation is for you the client who is interested in discovering your life blueprint. You are curious to know why you are here and desire to get that burning question answered, "What is my purpose?" Or, you are a person that may be stuck in your life and business, or you are in a major life transition; whether it is divorce, loss of a job, loss of loved one,  or a major life decision you may need help with. Whatever the circumstances you have come to the right place for guidance, direction, and support.  

Includes a 75 minute

phone consultation.



This consultation is the DELUX package. Designed for the serious business owner who not only wants to learn their personal numerology blueprint, but you also desire to know and understand your business blueprint and the destiny of

your business

Includes a quality binder with 20 - 25 coloured pages of both your personal and business blueprint material, for your reference guide. Plus a 2 hr, in-person, consultation. 


This consultation is for the client who has already received a personal or business numerology consultation with me. The consultation includes a 4-page written review for your personal year profile, complimented with your 12-month biorhythm to use as a guide to keeping you and your business on track for 2020 with your life and business goals.

Your report will be emailed to you and includes a 30-minute phone call to review your report. 

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